Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adoption Update

Howdy Y'all!

So, many of you have asked for an update on our adoption.  There really hasn't been anything to share because we are in a period where the communication is almost nil.

This week we decided to email our adoption coordinator to understand the exposure we are receiving and question her about the budget we have set.  My friend Rhonda didn't understand how the budget works - so I will give you all a lesson.  Each couple interested in adopting sets a match budget that will cover legal fees, agency fees, potential medical fees and potential living expenses.  Then, when a birth mom shows interest in putting their baby up for adoption, a social worker from the adoption agency estimates the cost of an adoption for that particular birth mom.  When your budget matches the birth mom's cost (as well as other factors such as medical history, race, etc), then your profile is given to the birth mom.  So, you can understand that your budget is very important for your exposure to birth moms.

Our case worker, Angie, informed us that she thought our exposure was great.  We have been active for 4.4 months and our profile is given out to 25 potential birth moms each month.  She was comfortable with our budget - but said if we raise it by a couple of thousand dollars, our exposure could increase more than we think.

Angie went on to tell us that there has been some interest in our profile, but they are still analyzing the birth mom to see if she truly sees adoption as the option for her.  She is due early next year.  So, this is where you guys come in - we would love your thoughts and prayers.   This is all we know for now, but we pray that the mom comes to a decision that will give her the peace of mind she deserves (whether that be to keep the baby or give it up for adoption).

I just thought I would share the update that we have since so many of you have asked.

Also - I know I posted these on facebook - but, I thought I would share these adorable chairs we had done (thanks mom!).

If you are loving these chairs - and hoping you can get your hands on one of them - well, if you live near Tyler, TX...go here for your cute chair needs.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Favorite Season

Howdy Y'all!

It is has been a long time.  I just felt like I had nothing to say.  However, today is the start of my favorite season.  You may think I am crazy since it is not the start of fall - but, none of the following is my favorite season: fall, winter, spring or summer.  So, now you probably think I am even crazier...there isn't a season left.  But, YES there is!  Today is the start of football season!

Of course, the "official" start of my season is Saturday and I just can't wait.  Bring it on!

My family and I have done a great job brainwashing my niece...she loves the Horns and I think she had a major crush on Colt her interests will have to turn toward Garrett Gilbert.

My old manager Davey Stormy, aka Dave Storms, is the biggest piggie (Razorback) fan that I have ever met.  In his mind, they are heading to the National Championship game each and every year.  I guess it is nice to have such optimism.  He was super confident in his pig's chances against my mighty Horns a few years ago and this is what happened to him.

(This is spelled with 52 orange soda cans and 10 Big Red cans...the score of the game)

At least I was nice and baked him some tasty treats.

I have also bought some brainwashing gear for our future child.  They will grow up in pig country being a big Longhorn fan.

Even the dog is a fan!

Of course at my Pop's 60th birthday, we celebrated in style!

Even though I am a big Longhorn fan, I really do just love college football in general - so it was fun to see Clemson practice for their bowl game on the sidelines of my brother-in-law's high school football field.  Our nephew Henry met C.J. Spiller and he thought that was awesome.

And, last but not least - I love attending games, but Bertha said it is her turn to finally go and cheer on her favorite team.

If you are looking for me on Saturday, you can find me in front of a TV!