Monday, October 22, 2012

16 Months Old Comes Awfully Fast

Howdy Y'all!

My sweet little angel is already 16 months old!  How in the world did we ever get here...time flies fast!

Harper wears size 18 or 24m clothes and size 5 shoes.  Our favorite store brand is The Gap and our favorite internet shopping is Sweet Chic-A-Dee on facebook.  Harper's momma has a weakness for cute clothes.  :)  She is also wearing a size 4 Pampers Cruisers diaper.

We are LOVING the weather lately!  It is perfect park weather and Harper loves, loves, loves going to park in our neighborhood.  I think she would stay on the slide and swing for hours on end if we would let her.

Harper's vocabulary has continued to grow - I said "Oh Man" the other day and she copied me and it might have been the cutest thing ever.  I love hearing it in her little twang.  We have also taught her to say Trick or Treat...we have to be prepared for Halloween night so we started early to make sure she had it down.

Harper is OBSESSED with E-L-M-O!  When Tony and I talk about him around her, we have to spell out Elmo's name.  Sometimes the first word out of her month in the morning is Elmo.  She wants to see Elmo morning, noon and night.  I have an Elmo Calls app on my phone and I think that is what has started the obsession.  She now has lots of Elmo books and a couple of Elmo DVDs too.  We went to my parent's house this weekend and as soon as she spotted the remote, she picked it up, handed it to my dad and said Elmo.  Oh boy, we have an Elmo stalker on our hands!

Harper loves food - but sometimes she loves food and then hates it and then loves it again.  Mac and Cheese and bananas continue to be her favorite foods.  She also loves goldfish as a snack.  She sips on milk, watered down apple juice and water throughout the day.

She has two best friends - unfortunately, they both live in Texas and we live in Arkansas.  Harper loves her cousin Ava and her other BFF Kenley.  When she sees their pictures, she will call out "Abba", aka Ava, and Kenley.  It is just so adorable to see them together - they have a ton of fun together.

Harper makes me laugh just about daily and we are so happy she is in our life.  She makes our lives complete.