Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: A Year in Review (First Half of the Year)

Howdy Y'all!

I really can't believe that 2010 is coming to a close - it feels like it has been a blur.  I am going to try and pull out some of the memories that I had over the year.  Sometimes I have a hard time remembering yesterday - so this may be interesting.  :)

I honestly don't remember much except a couple of things.  Tony and I went to Las Vegas with a couple of friends and had a great time.  Before we left, my dad came up with the idea of a traveling gnome.  So, along came Bertha!

Unfortunately, Bertha died during the trip.  How sad.  My dad is so great that he already had one in the mail before I got back home to Arkansas.

We did have a blast in Vegas - and it was great seeing old friends.  We had lots of laughs, actually won money, saw a few shows and laughed some more!

My friend Rhonda was expecting a new baby right around the time I was in Vegas - and I told the baby she had to wait on Miss Angela to get back.  And, the baby listened...  In late January, Paige Berry made her entrance into the world!  She is quite a cutie!

We got lots of snow - and had a few snow days.  Being cooped up in the house for a few days gets a little old - but, it gave me time to get caught up on LOST.  I had not watched a single episode before January - but, I was able to get all caught up and ready for the final season in February.  Awesome show!

I ALWAYS do the driving to see my family.  When I saw ALWAYS, I drive to Texas 4-6 times a year and they only travel here about once a year.  But, on a whim, my mom and Hailey came up to Arkansas to see us for a long weekend.  I introduced them both to The Melting Pot and PF Changs - my niece never eats - but, she gobbled up her food at both places.  It was amazing!

Tony and I made a big decision in the month of February.  We decided to pursue adopting - and started down the path of doing lots and lots of paperwork.

My best friend celebrated her dirty 30, as we like to call it.  Every day for a week I gave her something - it all started with 30 pieces of her favorite gum and ended with a caricature and petit fours.  Thanks to Jason Bellini for that amazing caricature!

This month was all about seeing spring in New York City - if anything else happened in this month, I don't remember.

Laura and I headed to the Big Apple and had the best time.  We climbed to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, walked miles and miles, went to see the cutie patootie, Jimmy Fallon and saw Good Morning America, shopped, watched Phantom of the Opera, went to a few museums and had tons of fun!  It was the best time in the city that needs to be repeated AGAIN...soon...or at least after she gives birth to her new bundle of joy in May.

Our friends Britten and Scott were tying the knot - so, it required a little girls trip to Austin, Texas.  I still can't believe I got Laura and Tabitha in the University Coop.  That is the sign of a good friend - if I can get a Razorback in Longhorn country (even if they did to the Horns down).

The wedding was great - the time with the girls was awesome - getting to see my roommate from college was amazing!

Scott, the Groom

Britten, the Bride

I also started up this blog in May - and I have tried to keep up with it...  One of my first posts even paid homage to my "big brother" Greg Gunnels.

Me doing "The Greg"

One of the major things that happened in May is that Tony and I became "activated".  What does this mean?  It means that we were officially on the market to be chosen by a birth mom to raise their baby.

At the beginning of June - I always say that Walmart throws me the biggest party!  It is Shareholder's Week...which brings concerts and a huge meeting.  I always have the best time.

This Shareholder's Week brought us concerts by Zac Brown Band (love them!) and Tim McGraw (eeh)...and during the meeting we were entertained by Jamie Foxx (love him!), Enrique (hot!), Mariah Carey (blah!), Mary J. Blige (good), the American Idol winner whose name I can't remember (better than expected) and Josh Groban (good, but a let down to close the show).  I love this meeting!  Love it!

Tony and I also traveled to Dallas...and we got to eat one of the best things on the planet.  Snuffers!  Yum-o!  We traveled down to see Tony's parents - and my mom, sister, niece and I all went to see Wicked.  My second time and their was still as amazing the second time as it was the first.  If you haven't seen it, order tickets now!  You won't regret it!

Snuffer's Cheese Fries!  The BEST!

Sorry to bore you all - but, hey - I was impressed that I was able to remember this much!  Yay me!

Until next time...toodles!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Big Church...and Sunday School

Howdy Y'all!

Have you ever had something trigger random memories?

I am not actually sure how we started talking about Play-Doh at work - but, that is what started this whole flood of church memories.  If you are asking how Play-Doh can trigger church's easy.  It all started with me remembering that we used to make Play-Doh from scratch in Sunday School.  Have you ever tried this?  I just remember it being really salty (yes, I did taste it).

So, here goes a few other Sunday School memories...

  • In the same Sunday School class that I made the Play-Doh, I suddenly remembered praying for my dead grandmother.  Strange, I know...but, I guess as a little person, I thought she would come back and see me.  I think I prayed for her every week for at least a couple of months - my Sunday School teacher probably thought I was crazy.
  • As I grew up, I had a sweet old lady as my Sunday School teacher for many years...Mrs. Parrish.  Poor Mrs. Parrish had to deal with me and it probably aged her.  :)  For example, when I was in the fourth grade or so, we were in Sunday School and Mrs. Parrish was telling us about the Easter Sunday Sunrise Service the following Sunday.  She went on to tell us that it was so early and you could be casual and you didn't even have to brush your teeth.  So, me having the smart mouth I do, I prayed OUT LOUD that Mrs. Parrish would brush her teeth before the church service the following week.  Oh boy...

I also had a lot of fun times in "Big Church".  Did y'all call it this when you were little?  Heck, I still call it this who I am kidding.

  • My friend Crystal and I would try and sit together in "Big Church" as much as we could.  I liked sitting by her family much more that I enjoyed sitting by mine.  Her mom and Mamaw would give us Trident gum - and my mom would just pinch me when I was being bad.  Who would you choose?
  • Crystal and I also loved the hymns that had "Amen" at the end of them.  Even though the rest of the congregation didn't sing the Amens...we did!  It was a special treat when you got more than one of these a Sunday!
  • When Brother Ty was preaching - if I am being honest - we got a little bored as young kids so we had to come up with our own entertainment.  So, we would trace spirals on each others hands over and over and over again.  I am not sure why this would be more entertaining than listening to the sermon...
  • As we got older and sat with the youth group at the front of the church, we still sat side by side and we still found little ways to entertain ourselves.  One man (I don't know his name) prayed almost every Sunday and his favorite words were "Heavenly Father".  We would count the Heavenly Fathers during each prayer and I think he actually got up to about 58 in one prayer one time.  During our counting during the prayer, we would occasionally get ourselves to giggling and would almost burst out in laughter.  Just too funny...
As I kid, I had many memories about the activities on Sunday.  First, we went to church.  Second, my dad would be waiting at the door with the belt to let me know that my behavior wasn't appropriate at church.  Third, we ate roast and lastly, we took a nap.  Rinse and repeat.  It happened every Sunday (actually I am sure that spanking thing happened about once a day if I am telling the truth).

At least now I know how to go to church and not get in trouble while I am there.  :)

Hope you enjoyed the little trip down the "Big Church" memory lane.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time Brings Lots of Snooping

Howdy Y'all!

So, I am notorious for snooping for Christmas presents.  If there was a Top 10 Wanted List of Christmas present snoopers, I would probably be first on the list.  Honestly!  Just ask my mom or dad or sister or brother.

Two particular stories come to mind:
1) I would go into my living room when my parents were gone and unwrap all of my gifts.  Seriously.  I would cut the tape right along the edge, gently lay out the paper, admire my gifts and then wrap them all back up just like I found them.  I would tape right over where the old tape was.  This worked perfectly until I left the scissors and tape out on the piano.  Dang!  Til this day, my mom still draws on the tape to ensure no one gets into the gifts.

2) Again, while my parents were out and about - my sister and I decided to get into the attic to look for presents.  In my parents attic, they have an area with plywood - but, there were some gifts just on the rafters (not on the plywood) so we decided to take a look.  It would have worked magically if I didn't trip fall through the sheetrock.  No lie!  How in the world do you hide a big hole in the garage??  Needless to say, we were told we were in big trouble and all of our gifts were going back to the store.  :)  P.S. We still got our gifts.

I am pretty sure that during the 7 years I have been married, I have always persuaded Tony to let me open my gift(s) early.  I can't is that dang snooping gene.  So, this year, he was trying to be so sneaky about the gift, using a checking account that I don't monitor...but, he asked me one question.  "What scents do you like?"  That got me thinking...and I came up in my head that he bought me a Scentsy Texas Longhorn jar and some waxes.  Last night, he mentioned my gift and I told him I already had a great idea of what he got me.  He said he didn't want to know what I thought and then he broke down and wanted to know.  So guess what - I was right and he was mad (not really).  He said, "I can never surprise you!"

He got me another gift too (Sequined Uggs!!!), but they are on backorderer and aren't coming until January.  Big boo!  :)

So, it looks like it is another year that I won't have any gifts under the tree from my husband...but, another year where I know my snooping skills are right on par.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kids Say the Darnedest Things...

Howdy Y'all!

I spent the day yesterday with one of my favorite little people (people under 5) and I just love the things that come out of their mouth.

Here are a few things that I have heard over my lifetime that I just find so cute:

Hailey Ward (as told by her teacher, Mrs. Gold)
Since Colt McCoy got married, I am just going to marry Justin Bieber.

Kennon Teff - Yesterday
Me:  Kennon, are you going to have a baby brother or a baby sister?
Kennon: A baby sister.
Me:  Do you have a name picked out for your her?
Kennon:  Cookie Monster

Laura, it sounds like you are going to have a little blue girl monster that loves cookies.  Love that!

Luke Berry - A Few Weeks Ago
Rhonda (Luke's Mom and my friend): Luke, eat your chicken, protein gives you big muscles.
Luke:  Potatoes are good for my knees.
Rhonda: Where did you hear that?
Luke: Facebook!

Ashley Faucett (my sister) - Many Years Ago
Mom: Chris, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Chris: A Veterinarian
Mom: What about you, Angela?
Me:  A Doctor
Ashley:  I want to be a frog when I grow up.

All of these crack me up!  Kids are just too darn funny.


Monday, December 13, 2010

So Blessed!

Howdy Y'all!

On Saturday, my husband inquired about a certain adoption scenario with our agency - and today, the agency sent us the specifics about the birth mom/situation.  We have decided not to pursue this situation for a couple of reasons (one I will explain a further along), but this girl's situation is just heartbreaking.

I was adopted at birth by my parents - and now more than ever, I feel so blessed that I was raised by them and that my birth mom had the courage to give me up for adoption.   I read a lot about this particular situation today - and like I said above, it breaks my heart.  This birth mom is in her twenties, unemployed, pregnant for the 5th time in her young life and separated from her husband (who is not the father).  While all of that is sad, her upbringing is even worse.  Her parents were only married for 2 years of her life - and she was raised by her father because her mom was a drug addict.  Her father wasn't much better because he was an alcoholic - and she moved out on her own at the age of 13.   She had her first child at the age of 15, however, impressively - she still graduated high school and has even completed 2 years of college.  She knows adoption is the best thing for her baby - because, sadly, she says she doesn't have any family that isn't addicted to either drugs or alcohol that could help out raising the baby.  I would like for you all to keep her in your prayers - I would love to see her turn her life around, finish school and start a career.  I know that I will not know what happens with her after today - but, I know God works miracles in people.

As I mentioned above, we have decided not to pursue the above situation for a couple of reasons.

1) The adoption is almost twice our budget - and while we could probably come up with the money, Tony says we have to pay for their college.  :)

2) After I received the details on this situation today - we received another email.  This one again is outside of our budget (but, an acceptable tolerance where we can still pay for college).  :)  I don't have much details on this one - but the birth mom has given interest in us.  We are emailing back tonight - and I will fill you all in on the details if we receive more.  Again, I would ask for your prayers for this birth mom - from the little that I know about her, she really needs it.

With this whole process, you have your ups and downs.  Some days are sad - and some days you just try not to think about the waiting.  I have so many pregnant friends and acquaintances right now - and while I am INCREDIBLY happy for them, it sometimes makes me sad a little.  I know my day is coming - I am just ready to make an impact on a child's life like my parents made on mine.

Thank you mom and dad!  I love you!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meow, Merry Christmas, Meow

Meow Y'all!

This is Sophie - and I commandeered mom's blog today to show you what I have been up to.

My mom decided it was finally time to put up the big tree in the foyer - so I decided to help her out.

Here I am checking out one of the bags to makes sure there wasn't anything scary inside - and it all appears a-okay!

Next, mom put up the first layer of the tree - and of course, I had to check it out and make sure it was sturdy.

Then came the second layer - it was just as sturdy as the first!

When she put the third and forth layers on the tree, it got a little tall for me - so I had to think of another plan.

Finally, the tree was finished - and I got to play.  Do you think mom caught me??

Even if she didn't catch me in the act - I think I left behind some evidence!  Whoops.

The tree is a beautiful site though - don't you think?

Boy, oh boy - it has been a hard day of supervision and play.  I think I need a nap!

My mom should be back next time - thanks for letting me steal the blog just for the night.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Deep Thoughts...

Howdy Y'all!

I have a few things on my mind tonight...and they aren't really deep thoughts, they are more like random thoughts.  HA!  I feel like I am always so random and I always have a numbered list!

1)  We have a tradition growing up that we always, always, always watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  Always!  Because we were going to the football game this year, I knew I wasn't going to be able to watch the parade - so the DVR came in handy.  I have been watching bits and pieces of the parade over the last week - and I am proud to say that this morning, I finally finished watching it.

NOW, I can officially say that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas has officially begun.  So, maybe it will get me motivated to finish up the decorations.

I have the smaller of my two trees put up.

The mantel has been decorated...BUT...

...this is the state of my big 12' tree.  It is still hanging out in the foyer on the floor in it's bag.

2)  So, winter hasn't even officially started, but I am already over winter.  It is COLD, frigid, freezing, etc.  I do not like 20 degree temps...I am a Texas girl...we should not these kinds of temps without having the pleasure of snow on the ground.  Period!

3)  Have you ever had a best friend?  I have had the pleasure of having 4 in my life - and I can't imagine life without these girls.

First up is Crystal.  Our parents knew each other before we were born - we were destined to be great friends.  I don't get to see her much, but we pick up right where we left off when we get together.  Her family is my family is her family.  I love that she has met my Bentonville best friend - and they act like they have known each other for years.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Next up is Lori.  When I was 6 years old getting ready to go to 1st grade, a lady and her young daughter was standing in line at Walmart.  Guess what, we determined that they lived down the road from us and that her daughter was going to be in the same class as me.  And, along came the friendship between me and Lori.  We had the best time - we would chase the Indian killer on the "mad man's" land, we would pour hot wax on our hands, we would fight and make up.  It was the perfect friendship...and still is!

Then, enter college and the friendship between me and Rebecca.  I was actually roommates with someone else the first few months of my freshmen year and at first, I tried to figure out a way to move Rebecca out of her room and move in with her wacky roommate.  Boy, that would have been a mistake. Bex and I were cut from the same was kind of freaky.  I ended up becoming her roommate right before her birthday.  What better birthday present could she have gotten besides a best friendship with me??  Right?  I love that girl...Rebecca Becky Becca Bex Theresa.............Bizro Burrow Vasek.

And, finally there is Laura.  I have gone a week without seeing her and it has made me sad.  You know, I never get to see the three I talked about above - and I have accepted that...but, Laura and I pretty much see each other EVERY day.  Going a week without her is hard.  :)  She and I met about 7 years ago or so...and our friendship has just continued to grow and grow and grow.  I can't imagine my life without her.  She is the greatest!

So, many people go through life with just one very best friend - and like I said above, I have been so lucky to have 4.  I couldn't imagine life without any of these girls and I could never choose between them.  They have been in my life at just the right moment of life and I know that I will be lifelong friends with all of them.  (Gosh, I am being so sentimental tonight).

4)  Will Ferrell was in Bentonville today - and I missed it.  I am so sad.  I would have loved to meet him - he totally cracks me up.

5)  However, Steve Carrell will be here on Saturday at our Saturday Morning Meeting.  He is pretty funny as well - and I love Despicable Me.  Cute movie - check it out if you haven't seen it.

6)  I am sending out a big apology to my good friend Rhonda for making her laugh all day today.  That sounds like a good thing, doesn't it?  Well, not if you had oral surgery this week...sorry Rhonda, it is hard for me not to be funny.  :)

Is that enough for tonight - man, I am totally random.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Magic of Charles Schultz

Howdy Y'all!

So, I ordered the children's book I was talking about the other day from Amazon...Happiness is a Warm Puppy.  When I was searching for the book, I noticed that he wrote several other books - so, of course - I had to buy those too.

I have received four of them - and I was going to share a few of my favorite quotes from the books.  Basically the books have a quote on one page and the adjacent slide is an without the illustration, the quotes are quite as good, but I hope you enjoy anyway.

1)  "Happiness is a fuzzy sweater."  (So true, during a cold winter!)
2)  "Happiness is walking in the grass in your bare feet."  (I love this too, as long as there isn't sticker burrs in the grass.  HA!)

This one is all about Snoopy...I love that dog!  Such a cute book!

1)  "Show me a veterinarian, and I'll show you a man who loves to wield a needle!"
2)  "There's the ugliest sight in the empty dog dish."

1)  "Love is wishing you had the nerve enough to go over and talk with that little girl with the red hair."  (Poor Charlie Brown)
2)  "Love is buying somebody a present with your own money."  (Especially if that present is a pair of sequined Uggs...HINT, HINT!)
3)  "Love is being able to spot her clear across the playground among four hundred other kids."

1)  "Christmas is hearing about those partridges and pear trees until you're ready to lose your mind."  (In my opinion, this is the worst Christmas carol ever!)
2)  "Christmas is giving your last two nickels to the Salvation Army...cheerfully."
3)  "Christmas is waiting for the grown-ups to finish eating so we can open the presents."  (Really, why did it always take the adults so long...)

Remember, as cute as the Christmas quotes are above - always remember what Christmas really is and keep the CHRIST is Christmas!

Hope you loved the quotes above - and I am glad I will be able to share these wonderful little nuggets with my future children.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Story of a Wet Elvis

Howdy Y'all!

My niece said something over Thanksgiving weekend that is just too hard to pass up as a blog post.

My dogs (probably like all dogs) will go to the water bowl and slurp and slurp and slurp and when they finally come up for air, their "beards" are all wet.  See exhibit below (hopefully you can see what I am talking about).

Well, when we went to Texas for Thanksgiving - we had our dogs in tow.  And, of course - during our trips, the dogs went to get a big drink of water and the following conversation happened between my niece, Hailey and her aunt (my sister), Ashley.

Hailey: Look at Toby, he has a "wet Elvis" or whatever you call it.
Ashley: What are you talking about?
Hailey: You know, when their beard gets wet when they take a drink.
Ashley: I have never called it that.
Hailey: Yes - you say something about Shooter's (my sister's shih tzu) mouth.
Ashley: Yeah, I call Shooter "Elvis" when his lip gets caught on his teeth not when his beard gets wet.
Me: (Bust out Laughing)

Now, I can't help but call the wet beard, a "Wet Elvis".

I am sure this isn't as funny retold - but, it totally cracked me up.  HA!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Open Brain...Spill Contents

Howdy Y'all!

This post is going to be so random...and I hope you love it.  I know I love randomness!

1) I have two favorite places in the world.  #1 - Walt Disney World and tied for #1 is Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium.  I love going to games is just the most fun.  Even my mom who doesn't enjoy sports had a blast going to a Longhorn game a few years ago.

Isn't this a grand sight?

Here is the reason why Bertha my gnome is called Bertha...I wanted to name her something that related to the University.  Well, here is her namesake.

And, for those of you that know my dad, you know that he is fairly quiet man.  He is probably just quiet because he can't get a word in when he is surrounded by me, my sister, my mom and Hailey.  Well, one thing that I always thought was funny is that he will talk to a stranger about, sports, the weather, you name it...  Tony, my brother and I were eating some pizza before the game and I look up and notice my dad is talking to yet another stranger.  But, this stranger just happened to be somewhat famous.  Here is his talking to none other than Colt McCoy's father.  (However, this one doesn't stack up to the time he talked to Matthew McConaughey for at least an hour and had no clue who he was.  HA!)

2)  While I was in Texas, I also got to meet the newest addition to the family...Miss Ava Grace Faucett.  She is just so beautiful, just like her mom (my sister Ashley).

3)  All the "Ward" girls (even though some of us are Poll's and Faucett's now) took a trip on The Polar Express.  It was cute and we all had a good time.  

I love this picture because of the word "Believe".  It reminds me of growing up and we always believed in Santa...because if we did, Christmas gifts showed up under the tree on Christmas Day.  Listen up Santa, I still believe!!

4)  I read something on Facebook yesterday that said, "Happiness at Walt Disney World is..." and when I read that, a memory rushed back into my brain that hadn't been there in years.  I loved a book when I was a kid called "Happiness is a Warm Puppy".  It was written by Charles Schultz.  I had totally forgotten about this book until yesterday - and now it is a must order on  I wished I still had my copy, but my mom doesn't even remember the book so I am sure it is long gone. 

You all should check it out for would probably make you smile!

5)  I recorded Oprah's favorite things - and while I could live without most of the things she mentioned - I think I need one of them.  So, listen up Santa (hey, I still believe, remember) or Tony.  I think I absolutely NEED (not just want) this Uggs.  I would take them in the black, silver or gold...but, I think I just need a pair.  HINT, HINT!  Aren't they the cutest??

6)  My brother told me over the weekend that he watches Glee.  Sorry, this one is totally random...but, I thought it was odd.  Glee is one of my favorite shows, but I never, in a million years, thought my brother would watch it.   (Sorry to rat you out, Chris!)

7)  I am pretty excited about Friday night.  My bestie Laura and I are going to a Christmas Cabaret Wine Party that our friends, Britten and Scott are hosting...and then afterwards, we are going to have an old-fashioned slumber party.  Of course, back in the day, we could stay up for all hours and we will probably be good to stay up past midnight.  (Man, we are so old!!!)

8)  Is it just me or is that song from the Hewlett Packard commercial ("I got a brand new pair of roller skates") the cutest?  I love it.!

Well, I think that is enough random for one night...thanks for reading!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pickles and Similarities

Howdy Y'all!

I was contemplating the other day that my favorite fast food joints are chicken places...Chick Fil A and Zaxby's.  Yum, yum!  Now, let me tell you something about me, I HATE pickles.  Hate may not even been a strong enough word for what I feel about pickles.  When I order at restaurants, I always say no pickles - on the side, on the sandwich or anywhere near my food.

With all the being said, I was SHOCKED to find out that Chick Fil A marinates (or injects) pickle juice into their chicken.  I can't taste it at all.  I even ate it today for lunch just to see if I could taste it after I found out their secret.  Are you amazed by this?

But, have you ever tried the "rip off" version of the Chick Fil A sandwich from McDonalds.  I think they have also heard that Chick Fil A uses the pickle juices, but you can totally taste pickle in it.  I have only had the sandwich once...and I thought about how nasty it tasted the entire time I was eating it.  Yuck - I will never eat that again!  But, YES - I will eat Chick Fil A that stuff!

Now, onto a completely different college roommate and I had lots in common.  I am not going to remember them all...but...

  1. She graduated #1 in her high school and so did I.  
  2. Her best friend graduated #2 and so did mine.  
  3. She had an older brother named Chris and so did I.  
  4. Her dad's name is Randy and my dad's name is Randall (but, called Randy by his work buddies).
  5. She had a younger sister the exact same age as mine (both of their names started with A's)
  6. We drove the same color car...mine was a Pontiac, her's was a Chevy.
  7. We were both science majors - I wanted to be a doctor and she wanted to be a pharmacist.  
  8. We both changed our majors - she ended up teaching and coaching and I am in finance.
  9. We both dated guys in high school and college (one guy each) that we knew we were going to marry.
  10. We both got married to two completely different boys.
We hit it off so quickly and we were like the same person...just one was blonde and the other was brunette.  We had the greatest time being roommates.  She was amazing and I wish I was able to see her more often.

So, she is pregnant and expecting a little girl - and as all of you know, I am in the process of adopting.  The name I have picked out for a girl is Kinley Aline Poll and the name she has picked out is Kenley Madden Vasek.

Even though we have only seen each other a handful of times in the last 10 years, you can see that we still share the same brain.  I just think that is hilarious!  If I end up getting a girl, I hope the two Kinley/Kenley's are very good friends.

Well, that's all folks.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Little Willy Wonka Magic?

Howdy Y'all!

When I was a kid, one of my favorite movie was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (and just as a side note, the new version freaks me out).  I loved everything about the movie...all the candy, the wallpaper, crazy Willy Wonka, everything!

Do you remember the gum that would change flavors through a 3-course dinner - tomato soup, then roast beef and a baked potato and then the blueberry pie?  Here is a little refresher so you can remember what happens to Violet when she chews it.  "Violet, you are turning violet, Violet!"

Well, Willy Wonka couldn't get the dessert right...but, Wrigleys did.  The Extra Dessert Delights gum is so super tasty!  I tried the Key Lime Pie tonight and it was yum-o!  And, the best part is, I didn't turn into a lime.  :)

Well, it was a perfect night to talk about gum/candy.  Hope you don't get sick on all that Halloween candy.  :)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh Fall, I Love Thee. Let Me Count the Ways...

Howdy Y'all!

I seriously love fall!  And, today's weather was PERFECT!  Here are the many ways I love this season.

1)  The colors of the changing leaves are so beautiful!  Seriously, fall may be my favorite season just because of that.

2)  The Texas State Fair and seeing the Texas Star.  I didn't make it to Dallas this year, but oh my it is super fun!  A day of riding rides, eating fried food and people watching is the best!

3)  The cool crisp that!  I love that I don't have to use the air conditioning or the heat because it usually just maintains the perfect temp inside the house.

4) I love to cuddle up on the couch with blanket.  My brother and I used to fight over this cowboy and indian blanket my Me-Ma made many, many years ago.  I was able to sneak it away when I went to college, but I had to give it back before I went to Arkansas.  Luckily, in its place, I was able to get two other blankets she made.  What is cool about these blankets is that they are made out of some of my dad's old clothes from when he was a kid.  I love that...and there is something about covering up with those blankets during the fall and winter that just make it so special.

5) Cooking soups!  You can't eat soup during the summer...its just too hot.  But, today I enjoyed some broccoli cheese soup and a grilled cheese for lunch - and tonight, it was all about the taco soup.  Yum-O!  I am ready to bust out some chili and chicken tortilla soup next.  And, if you have a soup recipe to share...I am all ears!!

6)  Cooking anything with pumpkin.  I think that is even better than the soups.  Lately, I have made some pumpkin oatmeal cookies, pumpkin muffins and a pumpkin pie cake.  I better stop taking about it because my mouth is salivating just thinking about it.

7)  And, of course...this comes as no surprise...but, fall brings on great sports.  College football is the best!  Even though my Longhorns aren't playing so hot this season, it is just so fun to get into.  And, as I am typing this, I am watching the Texas Rangers play in their first World Series ever.  They are behind in the series...but, watch out San Fran, the Rangers are here to play!

Enough about the fall - I am going to go back to cuddling on the couch with those prized blankets I have.