Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Time Brings Lots of Snooping

Howdy Y'all!

So, I am notorious for snooping for Christmas presents.  If there was a Top 10 Wanted List of Christmas present snoopers, I would probably be first on the list.  Honestly!  Just ask my mom or dad or sister or brother.

Two particular stories come to mind:
1) I would go into my living room when my parents were gone and unwrap all of my gifts.  Seriously.  I would cut the tape right along the edge, gently lay out the paper, admire my gifts and then wrap them all back up just like I found them.  I would tape right over where the old tape was.  This worked perfectly until I left the scissors and tape out on the piano.  Dang!  Til this day, my mom still draws on the tape to ensure no one gets into the gifts.

2) Again, while my parents were out and about - my sister and I decided to get into the attic to look for presents.  In my parents attic, they have an area with plywood - but, there were some gifts just on the rafters (not on the plywood) so we decided to take a look.  It would have worked magically if I didn't trip fall through the sheetrock.  No lie!  How in the world do you hide a big hole in the garage??  Needless to say, we were told we were in big trouble and all of our gifts were going back to the store.  :)  P.S. We still got our gifts.

I am pretty sure that during the 7 years I have been married, I have always persuaded Tony to let me open my gift(s) early.  I can't is that dang snooping gene.  So, this year, he was trying to be so sneaky about the gift, using a checking account that I don't monitor...but, he asked me one question.  "What scents do you like?"  That got me thinking...and I came up in my head that he bought me a Scentsy Texas Longhorn jar and some waxes.  Last night, he mentioned my gift and I told him I already had a great idea of what he got me.  He said he didn't want to know what I thought and then he broke down and wanted to know.  So guess what - I was right and he was mad (not really).  He said, "I can never surprise you!"

He got me another gift too (Sequined Uggs!!!), but they are on backorderer and aren't coming until January.  Big boo!  :)

So, it looks like it is another year that I won't have any gifts under the tree from my husband...but, another year where I know my snooping skills are right on par.


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