Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Big Church...and Sunday School

Howdy Y'all!

Have you ever had something trigger random memories?

I am not actually sure how we started talking about Play-Doh at work - but, that is what started this whole flood of church memories.  If you are asking how Play-Doh can trigger church memories...it's easy.  It all started with me remembering that we used to make Play-Doh from scratch in Sunday School.  Have you ever tried this?  I just remember it being really salty (yes, I did taste it).

So, here goes a few other Sunday School memories...

  • In the same Sunday School class that I made the Play-Doh, I suddenly remembered praying for my dead grandmother.  Strange, I know...but, I guess as a little person, I thought she would come back and see me.  I think I prayed for her every week for at least a couple of months - my Sunday School teacher probably thought I was crazy.
  • As I grew up, I had a sweet old lady as my Sunday School teacher for many years...Mrs. Parrish.  Poor Mrs. Parrish had to deal with me and it probably aged her.  :)  For example, when I was in the fourth grade or so, we were in Sunday School and Mrs. Parrish was telling us about the Easter Sunday Sunrise Service the following Sunday.  She went on to tell us that it was so early and you could be casual and you didn't even have to brush your teeth.  So, me having the smart mouth I do, I prayed OUT LOUD that Mrs. Parrish would brush her teeth before the church service the following week.  Oh boy...

I also had a lot of fun times in "Big Church".  Did y'all call it this when you were little?  Heck, I still call it this now...so who I am kidding.

  • My friend Crystal and I would try and sit together in "Big Church" as much as we could.  I liked sitting by her family much more that I enjoyed sitting by mine.  Her mom and Mamaw would give us Trident gum - and my mom would just pinch me when I was being bad.  Who would you choose?
  • Crystal and I also loved the hymns that had "Amen" at the end of them.  Even though the rest of the congregation didn't sing the Amens...we did!  It was a special treat when you got more than one of these a Sunday!
  • When Brother Ty was preaching - if I am being honest - we got a little bored as young kids so we had to come up with our own entertainment.  So, we would trace spirals on each others hands over and over and over again.  I am not sure why this would be more entertaining than listening to the sermon...
  • As we got older and sat with the youth group at the front of the church, we still sat side by side and we still found little ways to entertain ourselves.  One man (I don't know his name) prayed almost every Sunday and his favorite words were "Heavenly Father".  We would count the Heavenly Fathers during each prayer and I think he actually got up to about 58 in one prayer one time.  During our counting during the prayer, we would occasionally get ourselves to giggling and would almost burst out in laughter.  Just too funny...
As I kid, I had many memories about the activities on Sunday.  First, we went to church.  Second, my dad would be waiting at the door with the belt to let me know that my behavior wasn't appropriate at church.  Third, we ate roast and lastly, we took a nap.  Rinse and repeat.  It happened every Sunday (actually I am sure that spanking thing happened about once a day if I am telling the truth).

At least now I know how to go to church and not get in trouble while I am there.  :)

Hope you enjoyed the little trip down the "Big Church" memory lane.


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