Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Story of a Wet Elvis

Howdy Y'all!

My niece said something over Thanksgiving weekend that is just too hard to pass up as a blog post.

My dogs (probably like all dogs) will go to the water bowl and slurp and slurp and slurp and when they finally come up for air, their "beards" are all wet.  See exhibit below (hopefully you can see what I am talking about).

Well, when we went to Texas for Thanksgiving - we had our dogs in tow.  And, of course - during our trips, the dogs went to get a big drink of water and the following conversation happened between my niece, Hailey and her aunt (my sister), Ashley.

Hailey: Look at Toby, he has a "wet Elvis" or whatever you call it.
Ashley: What are you talking about?
Hailey: You know, when their beard gets wet when they take a drink.
Ashley: I have never called it that.
Hailey: Yes - you say something about Shooter's (my sister's shih tzu) mouth.
Ashley: Yeah, I call Shooter "Elvis" when his lip gets caught on his teeth not when his beard gets wet.
Me: (Bust out Laughing)

Now, I can't help but call the wet beard, a "Wet Elvis".

I am sure this isn't as funny retold - but, it totally cracked me up.  HA!


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