Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Open Brain...Spill Contents

Howdy Y'all!

This post is going to be so random...and I hope you love it.  I know I love randomness!

1) I have two favorite places in the world.  #1 - Walt Disney World and tied for #1 is Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium.  I love going to games is just the most fun.  Even my mom who doesn't enjoy sports had a blast going to a Longhorn game a few years ago.

Isn't this a grand sight?

Here is the reason why Bertha my gnome is called Bertha...I wanted to name her something that related to the University.  Well, here is her namesake.

And, for those of you that know my dad, you know that he is fairly quiet man.  He is probably just quiet because he can't get a word in when he is surrounded by me, my sister, my mom and Hailey.  Well, one thing that I always thought was funny is that he will talk to a stranger about, sports, the weather, you name it...  Tony, my brother and I were eating some pizza before the game and I look up and notice my dad is talking to yet another stranger.  But, this stranger just happened to be somewhat famous.  Here is his talking to none other than Colt McCoy's father.  (However, this one doesn't stack up to the time he talked to Matthew McConaughey for at least an hour and had no clue who he was.  HA!)

2)  While I was in Texas, I also got to meet the newest addition to the family...Miss Ava Grace Faucett.  She is just so beautiful, just like her mom (my sister Ashley).

3)  All the "Ward" girls (even though some of us are Poll's and Faucett's now) took a trip on The Polar Express.  It was cute and we all had a good time.  

I love this picture because of the word "Believe".  It reminds me of growing up and we always believed in Santa...because if we did, Christmas gifts showed up under the tree on Christmas Day.  Listen up Santa, I still believe!!

4)  I read something on Facebook yesterday that said, "Happiness at Walt Disney World is..." and when I read that, a memory rushed back into my brain that hadn't been there in years.  I loved a book when I was a kid called "Happiness is a Warm Puppy".  It was written by Charles Schultz.  I had totally forgotten about this book until yesterday - and now it is a must order on  I wished I still had my copy, but my mom doesn't even remember the book so I am sure it is long gone. 

You all should check it out for would probably make you smile!

5)  I recorded Oprah's favorite things - and while I could live without most of the things she mentioned - I think I need one of them.  So, listen up Santa (hey, I still believe, remember) or Tony.  I think I absolutely NEED (not just want) this Uggs.  I would take them in the black, silver or gold...but, I think I just need a pair.  HINT, HINT!  Aren't they the cutest??

6)  My brother told me over the weekend that he watches Glee.  Sorry, this one is totally random...but, I thought it was odd.  Glee is one of my favorite shows, but I never, in a million years, thought my brother would watch it.   (Sorry to rat you out, Chris!)

7)  I am pretty excited about Friday night.  My bestie Laura and I are going to a Christmas Cabaret Wine Party that our friends, Britten and Scott are hosting...and then afterwards, we are going to have an old-fashioned slumber party.  Of course, back in the day, we could stay up for all hours and we will probably be good to stay up past midnight.  (Man, we are so old!!!)

8)  Is it just me or is that song from the Hewlett Packard commercial ("I got a brand new pair of roller skates") the cutest?  I love it.!

Well, I think that is enough random for one night...thanks for reading!


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