Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pickles and Similarities

Howdy Y'all!

I was contemplating the other day that my favorite fast food joints are chicken places...Chick Fil A and Zaxby's.  Yum, yum!  Now, let me tell you something about me, I HATE pickles.  Hate may not even been a strong enough word for what I feel about pickles.  When I order at restaurants, I always say no pickles - on the side, on the sandwich or anywhere near my food.

With all the being said, I was SHOCKED to find out that Chick Fil A marinates (or injects) pickle juice into their chicken.  I can't taste it at all.  I even ate it today for lunch just to see if I could taste it after I found out their secret.  Are you amazed by this?

But, have you ever tried the "rip off" version of the Chick Fil A sandwich from McDonalds.  I think they have also heard that Chick Fil A uses the pickle juices, but you can totally taste pickle in it.  I have only had the sandwich once...and I thought about how nasty it tasted the entire time I was eating it.  Yuck - I will never eat that again!  But, YES - I will eat Chick Fil A that stuff!

Now, onto a completely different college roommate and I had lots in common.  I am not going to remember them all...but...

  1. She graduated #1 in her high school and so did I.  
  2. Her best friend graduated #2 and so did mine.  
  3. She had an older brother named Chris and so did I.  
  4. Her dad's name is Randy and my dad's name is Randall (but, called Randy by his work buddies).
  5. She had a younger sister the exact same age as mine (both of their names started with A's)
  6. We drove the same color car...mine was a Pontiac, her's was a Chevy.
  7. We were both science majors - I wanted to be a doctor and she wanted to be a pharmacist.  
  8. We both changed our majors - she ended up teaching and coaching and I am in finance.
  9. We both dated guys in high school and college (one guy each) that we knew we were going to marry.
  10. We both got married to two completely different boys.
We hit it off so quickly and we were like the same person...just one was blonde and the other was brunette.  We had the greatest time being roommates.  She was amazing and I wish I was able to see her more often.

So, she is pregnant and expecting a little girl - and as all of you know, I am in the process of adopting.  The name I have picked out for a girl is Kinley Aline Poll and the name she has picked out is Kenley Madden Vasek.

Even though we have only seen each other a handful of times in the last 10 years, you can see that we still share the same brain.  I just think that is hilarious!  If I end up getting a girl, I hope the two Kinley/Kenley's are very good friends.

Well, that's all folks.


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