Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: A Year in Review (First Half of the Year)

Howdy Y'all!

I really can't believe that 2010 is coming to a close - it feels like it has been a blur.  I am going to try and pull out some of the memories that I had over the year.  Sometimes I have a hard time remembering yesterday - so this may be interesting.  :)

I honestly don't remember much except a couple of things.  Tony and I went to Las Vegas with a couple of friends and had a great time.  Before we left, my dad came up with the idea of a traveling gnome.  So, along came Bertha!

Unfortunately, Bertha died during the trip.  How sad.  My dad is so great that he already had one in the mail before I got back home to Arkansas.

We did have a blast in Vegas - and it was great seeing old friends.  We had lots of laughs, actually won money, saw a few shows and laughed some more!

My friend Rhonda was expecting a new baby right around the time I was in Vegas - and I told the baby she had to wait on Miss Angela to get back.  And, the baby listened...  In late January, Paige Berry made her entrance into the world!  She is quite a cutie!

We got lots of snow - and had a few snow days.  Being cooped up in the house for a few days gets a little old - but, it gave me time to get caught up on LOST.  I had not watched a single episode before January - but, I was able to get all caught up and ready for the final season in February.  Awesome show!

I ALWAYS do the driving to see my family.  When I saw ALWAYS, I drive to Texas 4-6 times a year and they only travel here about once a year.  But, on a whim, my mom and Hailey came up to Arkansas to see us for a long weekend.  I introduced them both to The Melting Pot and PF Changs - my niece never eats - but, she gobbled up her food at both places.  It was amazing!

Tony and I made a big decision in the month of February.  We decided to pursue adopting - and started down the path of doing lots and lots of paperwork.

My best friend celebrated her dirty 30, as we like to call it.  Every day for a week I gave her something - it all started with 30 pieces of her favorite gum and ended with a caricature and petit fours.  Thanks to Jason Bellini for that amazing caricature!

This month was all about seeing spring in New York City - if anything else happened in this month, I don't remember.

Laura and I headed to the Big Apple and had the best time.  We climbed to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, walked miles and miles, went to see the cutie patootie, Jimmy Fallon and saw Good Morning America, shopped, watched Phantom of the Opera, went to a few museums and had tons of fun!  It was the best time in the city that needs to be repeated AGAIN...soon...or at least after she gives birth to her new bundle of joy in May.

Our friends Britten and Scott were tying the knot - so, it required a little girls trip to Austin, Texas.  I still can't believe I got Laura and Tabitha in the University Coop.  That is the sign of a good friend - if I can get a Razorback in Longhorn country (even if they did to the Horns down).

The wedding was great - the time with the girls was awesome - getting to see my roommate from college was amazing!

Scott, the Groom

Britten, the Bride

I also started up this blog in May - and I have tried to keep up with it...  One of my first posts even paid homage to my "big brother" Greg Gunnels.

Me doing "The Greg"

One of the major things that happened in May is that Tony and I became "activated".  What does this mean?  It means that we were officially on the market to be chosen by a birth mom to raise their baby.

At the beginning of June - I always say that Walmart throws me the biggest party!  It is Shareholder's Week...which brings concerts and a huge meeting.  I always have the best time.

This Shareholder's Week brought us concerts by Zac Brown Band (love them!) and Tim McGraw (eeh)...and during the meeting we were entertained by Jamie Foxx (love him!), Enrique (hot!), Mariah Carey (blah!), Mary J. Blige (good), the American Idol winner whose name I can't remember (better than expected) and Josh Groban (good, but a let down to close the show).  I love this meeting!  Love it!

Tony and I also traveled to Dallas...and we got to eat one of the best things on the planet.  Snuffers!  Yum-o!  We traveled down to see Tony's parents - and my mom, sister, niece and I all went to see Wicked.  My second time and their was still as amazing the second time as it was the first.  If you haven't seen it, order tickets now!  You won't regret it!

Snuffer's Cheese Fries!  The BEST!

Sorry to bore you all - but, hey - I was impressed that I was able to remember this much!  Yay me!

Until next time...toodles!

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