Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Food Oddities

Howdy Y'all!

I know that I have shared before about my pickiness when it comes to food...however, this one is about something completely different.

Do you have foods and/or drinks that you only have at certain places or certain times?  Well, here are a few of my examples:

  • Ginger Ale: I really love Ginger Ale, but I ONLY drink it on airplanes.  And, what I love the most is that my friend Rhonda is exactly the same way!  I thought I was the only crazy person.
  • Chicken in a Biscuit Crackers:  I really do love the way these days, but I haven't had them in years and years and years.  Ya know why...because, I only ate them at church camp and I have been there since I was in college.  Maybe I need to go to Pineywoods again so I can get a taste of those yummy crackers again.
  • Laffy Taffy Sticks (preferably Banana):  When I drive back to Arkansas from Texas (and only on the journey back), I have to stop and get two Laffy Taffy Sticks.  Am I a weirdo?

On another food note - when I eat chips, I have my favorites that I have to eat last.  No, my favorite has nothing to do with the flavor of chip or the kind of chip...my favorite kind of chip is a folded chip.  I don't know why they are so special...I just love them!

Seriously, doesn't this picture look tasty??  Look at all those folded chips in there.

Next time you eat one of these items, hopefully you think about how silly I am.  :)


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