Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh, Sweet Potato!

Howdy Y'all!

Our little gal is now eating vegetables!  And, she LOVED it!

Sunday night, I chopped up a sweet potato and put it into a machine my sister got me for a shower gift.  The machine is called the Baby Brezza and it is really cool!  All I had to do was add the chopped sweet potato and water and it did the rest of the work for me...Steamed and Pureed!  Love this thing.

Anything I have ever seen a baby try something new, I feel like I see the "bitter beer face"because it is something new and foreign to them.  Not Harper...as soon as I got the first spoonful in her mouth, she was opening her mouth for the next bite.  When she eats, she makes these noises and I picture her saying "Yum,  Yum!" and I think it is the cutest thing ever.

We are doing great with the sweet potatoes and later this week we will test out peas.  Wish us luck!

I have to go whip up some sweet potatoes for tomorrow.  :)


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