Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Whoo-laween!

Howdy Y'all!

Yesterday, Tony and I took Harper out for her first trick-or-treating and she did a few cute things that I need to write down so I don't forget.

Harper came up to the Walmart Home Office yesterday afternoon...and my boss LOVES "Baby Harper".  She told Harper to keep adding candy to her bucket so Harper would grab two handfuls at a time.  This went on for a few rounds - she then thought this is what you were supposed to do at each stop.  You mean you are not supposed to fill up half your bucket in one stop?  :)

Harper then turned the corner to the next stop and she put her hands in the candy and tried to put two handfuls of candy in her bucket.  I stopped her and told her she could only have one.  I was so convinced she was listening to me when she returned all the candy into the container UNTIL she then took the container by the handle and tried walking off with it.  You said ONE, didn't say it couldn't be one CONTAINER.  ha!  Silly girl!

We walked around to a few more areas within our finance organization and one of the teams tried to hand Harper some chocolate to put in her bucket and she wasn't having it.  She spotted some lemon cookies that one of the guys had brought in and insisted on having one of those instead.  She is a stubborn one, but pretty adorable too!

Last night as we were waiting for Daddy to lock up the house and bring around her transportation for the night, one little owl wasn't being very patient.  I guess even owls have to cry sometimes.

When the trick-or-treating finally got underway, Harper really got into it, but I think she loved the dogs that greeted her on the porch or at the door more than the candy.  Actually, I know she loved them more.  We always had to spend some extra time at each house where there was a dog.  She even talked one of the elderly couples in our neighborhood into bringing their dog outside so she could pet it.  She would not leave their porch until she saw their "dog-dog", but she does have one of those faces you can't resist so I completely understand.

Poor Harper just couldn't understand why we would be knocking on peoples doors and not go inside.  When our neighbors would answer the door and give her candy, she would then try to continue to go inside their house.  That cracked me up a little bit, but I guess I can understand her confusion.  I mean, why would you go to someones door and not come in.

The final cute thing Harper did was around her candy, but she doesn't really know what candy is outside of suckers.  She was given a sucker at one house and she carried it to the next house instead of putting it in her bucket.  When the next house gave her another sucker, she tried putting the other sucker in their candy bowl.  Sweet girl was offering up a trade...her old sucker for a new sucker.  At least the sucker was still in the wrapper and not a gooey used one.  ha!

We had a fun afternoon/night and Harper did great...and might I add that I think she was the cutest owl on the block.


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