Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grooming Tips

Howdy Y'all!

Early last week, we (being the Walmart US Finance department) received our monthly newsletter from HR department.  If I am being honest, these normally go unread by myself and many of the others that I work with - however, the latest newsletter spread like wildfire!

In the newsletter was a column giving us all grooming tips.  Let me describe the folks that make up the Walmart US Finance department.  99% of us are college educated (and let me say that most of them have a much better education that me), most of us have worked for Walmart for 5+ years and 99.9999999% of us dress and groom ourselves appropriately.

Here is a sample of the tips we were given...I can't make this stuff up...SERIOUSLY!

  • Shower at least once a day.  This one sounds like a given to me - but, I will admit that I do the minimum here.  You don't get more than one shower from me.
  • Don't wear the same shoes two days in a row - and clean them when you take them off and put them on a shoe tree.  Okay, I have the "don't wear the same shoes two days in a row" down and this rule does sound like a good excuse to buy more shoes - BUT, I don't clean them when I get home.  Ask Tony - he knows exactly what I do with them.  I kick them off in the living room and a pile of shoes collect there until the weekend.  I am thinking now that maybe I did need grooming tips after all!
  • Change your deodorant regularly to avoid building up a tolerance to it.  Okay, really?  I work around lots of people daily - and I can only think of one person that may need to follow this one.
  • Don't overload pockets with too many accessories.  Isaac has this one down!  His solution - a murse (man purse)! He even has two different colors to coordinate with his outfit.  Love it.
  • Visit your hairdresser regularly and keep hair in good condition.  Thanks to Taylor at Cabin Red Salon - I have this one down pat.
  • Visit the dentist and hygienist regularly.  Dang!  I'm busted!!  My father-in-law is a dentist and Tony and I haven't gotten a dentist here yet.  But, I need to make an appointment.  This week...I promise!
These just crack me up.  It has been almost a week now and I still find it funny.  Kaye Cullum, I would like to thank you and "your team" for sending this out so I could get a good chuckle.


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