Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy One Month Birthday Kinley

Howdy Y'all!

One month ago, Tony and I woke up to over two feet of snow in Plattsburgh, NY and we had to figure out how to get to the hospital to be there for the birth of our baby girl.  Of course, the good news was that we made it to the hospital with the help of a very nice man at the hotel - but, the bad news was three days later Kinley's mom decided to keep her instead of allowing us to adopt her.

There has been a day in the last month that I haven't thought about that sweet baby girl.  This month should have gone so much differently than it did.

  • We were supposed to be able to snuggle with a warm baby any time we wanted.
  • I was not supposed to be at work - but, instead spend time bonding with Kinley.
  • We got way more sleep than we expected (maybe this one isn't bad after all).
  • We missed out on her two-day and two-week check up.
  • We never knew if she ever started gaining weight.
  • We didn't change any poopy diapers.
  • We didn't get to feed and burp her.
We obviously miss her sweet face - and her little tiny cry, but most of all, we continuously think and pray that her birthmom is making good decisions with her life and putting Kinley/Emma first.  We know that we could have given her a great life - and I just hope and pray that she still has a good life with Sarah.

We miss you dearly - but, we wanted to wish you a happy one month birthday.


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