Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Power of a Quarter

Howdy Y'all!

To say I have been obsessed in finding another girl name for our future daughter MIGHT be an understatement.  I knew that it took Tony and I a LONG, LONG time to come to an agreement on Kinley - so I wanted to start on the journey of finding a new name ASAP.

I think I have said this before - but, Tony and I really don't agree on names.  He likes more traditional names and not so much for me.  So, I have been throwing out all sorts of names - Scarlett, Molly, Piper, Landry, London - but, Hadley and Harper have been my favorite.  Tony likes Hadley - but, he doesn't really care for Harper, but he made a pact with me.

The Pact
Tony said he would post the name Harper on facebook - and if more of his friends said they liked it, we could coin-flip for a name.  Poor Tony realized just how much people liked the name Harper.  :)  Guess what...more people liked it than not and this made for one happy wife.  HA!

The Coin Flip
Last night before we went to bed, I found the official coin-flip quarter - and to make sure we didn't change our mind about which side was each name, so I made it semi-permanent.  Heads for Harper, Tails for Hadley.

We decided that one coin-flip wasn't enough - I suggested a best of three flip - but, Tony went for a best of ten flip.  Let the flipping begin!

The first flip resulted in tails - Hadley scores one point.  The next four flips were all Harper.  Wow!  Then, came a rush of Hadley's...we are now 4 points for Harper - 3 points for Hadley.

Who finally won??  Well, that would be Harper.  So, our future daughter's name will be Harper Aline Poll.  Of course, if something happens with our next adoption, we have a super cute back-up name picked out too...no coin-flip required.  HA!  I think this will be a great story to tell Harper when she grows up - and we are keeping the coin for proof!  It is safe and sound in my jewelry box.

And, I should say, I have already purchased something with her name on it.  My friend Tracey McClure got me the cutest owl blanket with Kinley's name on it - so I bought the replacement this morning.

We can't wait to be picked by a birth mom, we are ready to start spoiling Miss Harper.


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  1. I love the name Harper. Good Luck with everything