Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Great Cereal Catastrophe of 2011

Howdy Y'all!

Harper started eating cereal a little over a week ago and we are trying to get the hang of it.  She did really well the first night and then the second night went way downhill.   She wants the instant pleasure of food like her bottle gives her and she doesn't want to take the time to swallow so she can get another bite.

I have developed my method of feeding her cereal - it may be a little unorthodox, but it works for us.  After the first few bites when she gets frustrated, I spoon in some cereal and then immediately but the pacifier in her mouth.  Tony calls it the "stuff and plug" method.  It really seems to be working for us and hopefully we can wean her off the method in a few weeks.

My mother-in-law was here this weekend and wanted to feed Harper her cereal.  She couldn't quite figure out the timing of the method I use so she gave up and gave Harper a bottle instead for a couple of nights in a row...so on Monday night after a couple of days without cereal, we had The Great Cereal Catastrophe of 2011!

Harper was all ready for cereal - and last night we tried Oatmeal for the first time.  Her first few bites started off great like always - she was smiling and she seemed to really be enjoying the oatmeal.  Then, her frustration set in and she started crying.  I looked away for a split second and during her crying, she lifted her arm and then hit her almost full bowl of oatmeal.  This caused the bowl to fly in the air and oatmeal went everywhere!  The floor, the highchair, Harper's face, Harper's clothes, my clothes, etc.

I pulled her out trying to keep the oatmeal contained and tried to lay her somewhere to get her clothes off.  The fit continued because she was hungry and now she had oatmeal all over her.  I got her down to her diaper and cleaned up while Tony cleaned up her highchair and the floor.  While she is screaming in my arms, I fixed her a bowl of oatmeal #2.  I got her strapped into her chair and she would not even calm down to take one bite.  After trying several times, I got frustrated as well.  :)  Eventually, the full bowl ended up in the sink and a bottle was made.  This little girl of mine can be so stubborn at times and she knows how to work the system.

We marched right upstairs, put on her PJs and snuggled while she ate her bottle.  Times were much simpler when she could just lay in my arms and drink her dinner.  :)

Like I said, I was frustrated - not at Harper, but just at her stubbornness.  But, look at this face, she is just too cute and sweet that I will forget all these crazy moments and remember how funny we looked with oatmeal all over us!

Tonight, she ate her whole bowl of cereal!  Yay!  But, of course, I had to use my method.  My question is this - did you ever have these issues when you introduced cereal?  And, what did you do to remedy your issues?

By the way, look how I found Tony and Harper on Sunday after I came downstairs from putting clothes up.  Isn't it the cutest?


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  1. Thankfully I never had any issues with mine. Then again my youngest had NO want and would straight refuse baby food until he was 8 months old. Skipped the cereal completely with him, he didn't like it and I didn't push it.
    Harper is beautiful. I stumbled across the time out chair on Pinterest and followed it to your blog. Your story is so full of emotion but proves that God always provides. Enjoy your blessing. She is beautiful!