Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Case Closed

Howdy Y'all!

Tomorrow is little Emma's first birthday.  She was known to me as Kinley - and she was our sweet girl for 3 days until her birth mom changed her mind.  We, of course, got a lot of closure when we adopted our wonderful daughter, Harper.

I have always wondered what happened to Sarah and Emma and I wanted to know if they were happy so today, I emailed Sarah to say Happy Birthday to Emma.  I also included a picture of Harper because I wanted to reassure her that Tony and I were very happy with life and things worked out exactly perfectly.  I really didn't expect a response from her, but to my surprise, I got an email from her about an hour later.

Here is a picture of Emma (not the best quality, but all I have...obviously) - she has those cute cheeks just like Harper!

She was glad to hear from us and she said that she had been thinking about emailing us as well.  Sarah sounds like she is happy with her life and I am so glad to here that.  Emma had a rough start to life - Sarah informed me that she ended up in NICU on her 9th day and that she almost died.  I am so thankful so many of you were praying for her around that time because God does work miracles.  Emma was only weighing in at 3 lbs, 5 oz at day 9 and she had to have a feeding tube until she was 5 months old.  Today, at 364 days old, she is completely healthy and so cute.

I feel like the case is closed here since I have heard back from Sarah - and the small weight that was still left on my heart has been lifted.

And, here are some pics that I took on Sunday of my little Harper...I really don't think she can be any cuter.


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  1. Your mom picked up Harper's highchair from me this afternoon...she brought pictures of Miss Harper for me to see (she's so proud!!) and I can honestly say that your daughter is one of the most angelic and beautiful babies I have ever seen :)
    I'm so happy for you!!
    Can't wait to see pictures ;)