Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Look Whooooo's the Big O-N-E!

Howdy Y'all!

I can't believe the day has come that Harper has turned one.  This year has flown by - I can't believe how fast!

Harper is a walking machine!  Two weeks ago, she just started walking and hasn't quit since.  She cracks me up because she refuses to crawl even in situations where it would be much easier.  She is a strong willed little girl that has stolen my heart.

She is wearing size 12m and 18m clothes.  The other day I put her in some pants that were a bit tight on the legs and she looked like a little Frankenstein walking around the house because she couldn't bend at the knees.  She is wearing size 4 diapers and a size 3 shoe.

Harper gave up her pacifier on her 11 month birthday and we haven't looked back.  I am so proud of her!  She always seemed to be so dependent on it, but she is doing so well without it.  I must admit that there are moments that would probably be so much easier if I would just pop the pacifier in her mouth, but we have never given into temptation.  Yay us!

Harper doesn't have much hair, but you can see what she has in the picture above...and it is blonde, almost white.  She still has blue eyes too - actually, they are very similar to mine where they change between blue and green.  I love that she has a little piece of me.

Harper doesn't say much - she is pretty quiet most of the time, but she can say Da-Da, Ma-Ma, Dog (she actually says Dog-Dog), Uh-Oh and her newest word is PaPaw.  We were face-timing with my parents a week or so ago and she said PaPaw when she saw my dad.  It was just so sweet.

She has transitioned to whole milk and it was an easy transition.  Of course, I don't know why I would be shocked by this because she will eat anything!  Her favorites include Mac and Cheese and Grilled girl!  Who doesn't love cheese?  Oh yeah, her daddy!

Harper loves to read books and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins.  She actually doesn't watch the whole thing, but she loves the music in each of the shows.  She loves to clap along to the Hot Dog song.  We have also found out she loves the song Mean by Taylor Swift.  She just sways and smiles when she hears that song.

Harper and I had the best day today - we visited the snails downtown, rode in Mr. Sam's pick-up truck, visited the 5&10, went to the library to read some books, went to Barnes and Noble for a free birthday cupcake and ended the afternoon at a local toy store.  She fell in love with a baby doll so we had to bring her home (she did have a $10 gift certificate and some birthday money from my aunt JoAnne).  :)  She is so sweet with her baby dolls, but there are some things she still needs to learn before she becomes a mom.  Babies don't belong on their heads when they are in the stroller, Harper.

We love you Harper Aline!  This year has been amazing and we wouldn't change it for the world.


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