Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lone Star Fun

Howdy Y'all!

Tony, Harper and I spent the Memorial Day weekend in Texas - one of my favorite spots on earth - with the rest of my family...mom, dad, sis and nieces and even had some time with my brother and brother-in-law.  Our fun existed of water, water, food, water and water.  :)

On Saturday, we never left my parents house.  We all swam in their pool and they cooked steaks, burgers and hot links for us so what was the point of leaving that day?  :)

How adorable is this little cutie with her bikini and chubby thighs?  Her smile is so cheesy, but genuine here and I love it!

Harper loves her cousin, Ava and Ava loves her some "Barper"!  How cute are the two bathing beauties on the float below?  I love the smile on my dad's face - he loves his granddaughters.  He has a special power over the both of them - they LOVE him!  I have to say that out of Harper's 4 grandparents, he would be her favorite.  I need to figure out his magic powers.

Saturday ended with Papaw pulling Ava and Harper around the house on a blanket.  When he stops, Ava goes around the house looking for him saying "Papaw?" and when she finds him, she simply says "More".  Hailey and Ava also helped Harper walk around the house.  Ava was so sweet trying to help out her little cousin.

Sunday brought on a splash park, a trip to Toys R Us, some yogurt and more pool time.  Harper didn't love the splash park too much, but I think it was because these boys sprayed her in the face with the water gun when she first got there.  The poor little girl didn't want to be in the water much after that.  She loved Toys R Us and yogurt is one of her favorite foods (I think) so she had a great end to the day.

Monday we took our time packing and getting ready, then had one final meal with the family and then headed back to Arkansas.  If someone could figure out how to move the Walmart corporate offices to Texas, that would be great!  You would be my hero...I promise!


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  1. What a fun weekend! It's just so sweet to see your long-awaited baby playing with her grandparents and cousin, isn't it? :)