Tuesday, May 1, 2012

...10 Months Later

Howdy Y'all!

Almost 10 months ago, my little buddy ran away from home.  He was always a runner (and apparently still is if you continue to read the story) and he would run away from us a few times, but we were always able to catch him.  On July 4th last year, our front door wasn't shut all the way and the wind from a storm blew the door open and out the door Toby ran.  My parents and sister were here visiting and they, along with my husband, searched for almost 2 hours looking for him.  And, we never found him.  I stayed inside with little Harper and my niece Ava and cried my eyes out.  I am not a crier, but I was just so sad that he was gone.

He was the sweetest dog and so loving - I know that Harper would have loved him and Toby would have loved her.

Today, Tony goes to get the mail and inside the mailbox is this flyer - he immediately got chill bumps.  He thought, "That's Toby!"  He called the number just in inquire about the dog and sure enough, a wet dog showed up in this lady's garage last summer and she has been taking care of him every since.  He had a blue collar on when she found him and she said he loves to run away!  But, guess what?  He has decided to bolt again so if you are in the Bentonville area and you see our sweet Toby/their sweet Will, please call the number on the flyer.  Tony and I have already made the decision to let Toby's new family keep him for a couple of reasons - 1) we already have a new dog (but we would certainly make room) and more importantly 2) her children love Toby and they are so sad he is gone.  I could never take the dog away from them now, but we did ask if he could come for a visit if (and hopefully when) they find him.

As for us, we are getting anxious to take our first family vacation very soon and it looks like Harper might be really excited to see the Mouse and his lady friend.  :)


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