Sunday, April 22, 2012

Toy Boxes, Tebow and Tushies

Howdy Y'all!

Harper got a brand new toy box this weekend and she loves it!  We have had a bassinet in the living room since she was born and we stopped using it several months ago...or should I say that we stopped using it for its intended purpose several months ago.  It has been full of toys and we needed a way to finally put it away and a new toy box was the answer.  Harper loves to stand at it (she was only standing in it for the picture) and throw the toys out...silly girl.

This weekend at the Walmart Saturday Morning Meeting, we were surprised by an appearance of Tim Tebow.  I will be honest - I haven't been the biggest fan.  I was watching one of his football games and after the play was over, he got right in the faces of the opposing team and did the gator chomp.  I just thought it was an arrogant/cocky thing to do and the opposite of what I would have expected from him.    And, I was (and still am) irritated by the media infatuation of him, but that is really beside the point.   Being a fan of the Texas Longhorns, I, of course, love Colt McCoy and he has never displayed that sort of behavior and he was my example of an upstanding football player.  From the moment I saw the gator chomp, I was not a fan, BUT I think he changed my mind on Saturday.  It is amazing to see a young man speak so eloquently and I can see God doing great things in his life way beyond football.  So, I have decided to let go of my first impression and give the guy a chance - so from Saturday's surprise visit, Tebow gained yet another fan.

I did love how we (Walmart) flat out told him that he didn't create Tebowing - that Sam Walton did.  Check out this picture and see for yourself.  :)

Now, onto the last subject of this blog...tushies.   Lately, Harper has loved to sleep with her tushy in the air.  Every night we check on her before we go to bed and find her like this.  I have even tried to straighten out her legs and they just go right back.  It doesn't seem to be comfortable, but I guess it works for her.


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