Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rescue Me

Howdy Y'all!

Last weekend my parents came for a visit to celebrate Harper's first Easter and while they were here, we had the strangest thing happen.  My mom and I were walking to my car and we heard some scratching from inside one of our columns on the front porch.  We had no idea how something could get down there and we had no idea what it my dad came to the rescue.

He got out a ladder and with a flashlight, he determined it was a large black bird.  Now, it was time to put in a plan of action...

First idea was a wash cloth with fishing line tied to each corner.  He pushed the cloth down the narrow hole and came so close to getting the bird.  After this failed attempt, he gave up but you could tell it was still bothering him.

He sat down for awhile and then bolted off to the garage and came back with an extension cord and duct tape.  For the second attempt, he would wrap the tape around the extension cord sticky side up and then push the cord down into the hole.  And, after a few minutes, the bird stuck to the extension cord and came right on up.  One bird's life saved that day!  Yahoo!

After all my dad's hard work, he plugged up the small hole with some newspaper and he was glad he did because that silly bird was back and trying to get in the column later that day.  Maybe it was a do-do bird.  ha!

And, I will leave you with a few pics from Harper's first Easter - she really seemed to enjoy herself!

We had a little hunt inside the house.

She's taking a little break...crawling wears a girl out, ya know!

So proud of herself that she found another egg.

Look!  Another one!

Papaw helped her find one too.

Out of a few pics of us...this was the best one...still not good.

Harper loves her cousin, Hay-Hay.

Nana and Papaw are pretty amazing too!

Some of Harper's loot for Easter.

Mommy, the Easter Bunny left me something too!

My happy little girl!  We love her.


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