Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Howdy Y'all!

I got a hair cut today and it just feels so refreshing.  I had been letting it grow, but I just thought it was kind of looking blah so I wanted to go back to my old trusty haircut.  However, it got me thinking about some of the hair styles I have had over the years - and I thought I would share some with you.  Hold the laughter until the end, please.  :)

For the first few years of my life - I had this cute little curly hair...

...then I decided to take scissors to it and created this mess.

And, maybe my mom was punishing me or something - but I had a mullet for the next several years.  Yikes!

However, if you thought the mullet was bad, check out my "Princess Leia" look.  It was time to grow out the mullet, but I guess I also talked my mom into getting me a perm.  This is just double yikes!  What you don't see in this picture is my long hair in the back that is pulled up in a ponytail.

Then it was time for the big hair days - unfortunately I don't have any good pictures from this era...but here is one where you can't see much so use your imagination.

For the first couple of years in high school, I had long permed hair and then during my sophomore year spring break, I chopped it to my shoulders.  My first major change.  I am not sure how I kept it so straight without the use of a flat iron...that is still one of my modern mysteries.

My senior year, I had an ugly haircut and it was totally my fault.  I am not sure what is going on here.

Then, during college I decided to chop it all was the shortest it had ever been up until that point.

Most of my time in college and my first few years of my career, I had shoulder length "straight" hair...or as straight as it could have been without the use of a Chi.

I was then introduced to the Chi - and sleek straight hair (except for times of 100% humidity) was introduced to my life.

And, then came the bob...sometimes with blunt straight bangs, sometimes with bangs swept to the side and sometimes naturally curly.  I loved that haircut.

But, I also loved seeing people with long hair and looking at all the cute hairstyles they could do with it so I decided to let it grow.  Over the past year, I have been letting it grow and it seemed to be growing so slow.

So, today during my scheduled haircut, I decided to go back to old trusty...the bob.  Tony told me he loved it when I came home because he said when I wore my hair in a ponytail, I looked scary.  I don't really know what that means, but I am glad I rectified the situation.  :)

I even tried on some of Harper's bows and she got a kick out of it!

Glad you could step back in time with me and go through my hair-volution.  If you were holding back the laughter, go ahead and let it out now...I will laugh along with you.


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