Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Official - I Really Like the Sound of It!

Howdy Y'all!

Today was the first day that we had some place to be early in the morning - and it was a VERY important appointment.  Today was the day that we finalized our adoption of Harper Aline and we are beyond thrilled!  I dressed Harper in an adorable white eyelet dress with pink trim and I thought she look so, so cute.  Of course, I think she would look cute in just about anything...she has that kind of face.  :)

Tony and I got sworn in while we waited in the lobby to see Judge Scott.  The whole ordeal only took about 15 minutes and Tony was so nervous.  The lawyer asked us questions like - "what is your name, what is your education and job, where do you live and how long have you been married?"  Like I just said, Tony was nervous and he jacked up the number of years we have been married...whoops!  I had to correct him.  :)  I guess that is why I was there.  haha!

Our friends Britten and Scott Hardie came over tonight with a bottle of champagne to celebrate...I love that.   We have the most amazing friends in Bentonville - it sometimes makes us forget that we don't have any family here.

Thank you mom for the Bible verse I have been carrying around me for the last couple of months.  I had strong faith in God and God answered our prayers.

It has been an amazing ride - some ups and downs, but we are so excited about starting the next phase of our life.  We love being Harper's parents!


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