Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Texas, Our Texas

Howdy Y'all!

Over the weekend, Harper took her first official road trip.  Granted, she had to come home from Tennessee, but we won't count that one.  :)  And, from the moment we got to Texas, we were busy, busy!

My sweet mother in law refused to let Harper and I drive by ourselves to Texas so we made quite a plan.  She flew to Northwest Arkansas last Tuesday to spend a few days with Harper and then we all drove down to Dallas together on Thursday.  After we got to Dallas to drop off Tony's mom, Harper stretched out on the bed for a few hours to let the rush hour traffic die down and then we were on our way to Palestine.  Finally after being on the "road" for 12 hours, we were home!  Thank goodness - Harper was tired of her car seat and I was just plain tired.  Since it was almost time for bed when we got there, I gave Harper her bath and we tried to go to bed shortly afterwards...however, Little Miss Priss decided she did not want to sleep at Nana's house unless she was snuggled with her mommy on the recliner.  It didn't lead to a great nights sleep, but it was so much fun to snuggle with my little sweetie.

On Friday, Harper and I (and Hailey) took lunch out to my mom's work so she could meet all of her little work friends and of course, I used this as an opportunity to make Harper look super duper cute!  :)  We also took the opportunity to take Harper to my Aunt JoAnne's house so her and my Uncle David could see her.

Later that afternoon, my brother, sister and I went to see Harry Potter while my mom and Hailey watched Harper and Ava.  Harper had two more visitors while we were at the movies - and apparently she slept the whole time.  The little Lazy Bones.  :)  Friday night, my mom and dad kept Harper in their room to give me a good night's rest - and unfortunately, Harper didn't want to sleep for my mom from midnight to 2 am.  I have the greatest parents for giving me a break!!

We had a busy, busy, busy Saturday!  But, when I got up, I found Harper in the bed with my dad.  Apparently, he thought she was too cold and needed to snuggle with him.  I just find this so super cute - I love how he loves his grandchildren so much.  He keeps saying he wants more grandsons, but when I see him with his sweet little granddaughters it is perfect.

First up on the agenda were family pictures with Lee Loveless.  My mom had planned for us to wear some huge hats in at least one of the pictures, but for some reason my niece Ava would throw a fit whenever we had them that was out.  :)  Harper and Ava did so good during the photo shoot - considering he took 320 pictures and they had many outfit changes.  I am ready to see how the pictures turned out, but I am sure they will be great considering there were three beautiful Ward granddaughters in them.

Next up on the agenda was Harper's baby shower.  I am so totally blessed to have such wonderful friends and family members because the shower was amazing!  The cake was adorable!  The candy bar was too cute!  The cake pops were beyond unbelievable!  The canvas prints were like a piece of art!  I loved it all.  I want to thank Ashley Faucett, Crystal Thompson, Lori Blanchard, Rebecca Vasek, Julie Holden and Theresa Bambeck.  Here are some pictures of the spread - it really was amazing.  And, check out this link if you are in the Dallas area for some Cake Pops.

We had so many friends and family that showed up to the shower - and we were just happy that everyone got to see baby Harper and love on her.  Harper was passed around from person to person on Saturday and I am not sure if she ever opened her eyes.  She is such a great baby (well, most of the time)!  Below is the four generation photograph - and we are also the four Alines - Margaret Aline, Glenda Aline, Angela Aline and Harper Aline. 

My Grandmother and Harper

 My Aunt Linda and Harper

My Aunt Debbie and Harper

 Harper and her Grandmother (Tony's Mom)

Harper and Sims.  Sims was mine and my sister's surrogate Grandmother - we loved her so much growing up.  She was so special to us!  Still is.

Sims and her Girls - Me, Ashley, Ava and Harper

Rylie Beth (Crystal's daughter), Katie (Lori's daughter) and Harper

We really had a fantastic time!  This was just about the only time that Mommy was able to hold her almost all day.  She is a beauty though!

Some of my best friends threw this shower for me:
  • Theresa Bambeck - She is always so helpful and makes beautiful things.  The tables looked awesome!
  • Lori Blanchard - We have been friends since the 1st grade - I love lifelong friends!
  • Ashley Faucett - the best sister ever!  Even if I had 1,000 sisters, she would still be the best one.
  • Crystal Thompson - The Harper Frame with my special verse was so sweet - and I loved the clothesline of cute things!
  • Julie Holden - I am totally spoiled by her.  The canvas prints were totally amazing!  I am so excited to have them.
  • Rebecca Vasek - I couldn't have asked for a better college roommate.  We are so much alike and I am so glad we have seen each other so much lately.

I love these girls so much - I am spoiled to have them in my life!

College roomies!  Love these girls!

All of Harper's Gifts - we had so many that I couldn't fit them all in my car.  Thanks to Crystal, the rest will be delivered to Arkansas in a week and a half.

Beautiful Canvas Prints

Lots of fun toys for Harper to play with.

Lots of Bibs and other feeding gear.

Beautiful Blankets for a beautiful girl.

We love clothes!

 We love Texas too!  Look at all this awesome stuff!

I was wanting some cute burp clothes and my dream came true.  :)

 Oh the diaper changing accessories.

Socks and Shoes, Bows and Hats

Frames for pictures of a beautiful girl.

We are just so blessed!

Special gifts from Nana and Grandmother.

The weekend continued with Harper continuing to meet more and more people.  She was probably sore from all the holding this weekend.  We are so happy to be home, but mommy is sad she only has two more days at home with Harper.  I will have to spend lots and lots of time with holding Harper (so she may be even more sore).  HA!

On our way back on Sunday/Monday, I did get a hitchhiker and Hailey, my niece, came back with me to stay for a week and a half.  So far she is being so good.  I took her shopping today for some school clothes, but I am holding them ransom until I determine she has been good.  haha!  She also has a dinner on the line at PF Changs.  I am sure she will be great.  We are enjoying our time with her and she is a big help with Harper.

Now it is time to love on Harper and play XBox Kinect with Hailey - what a great life I have!


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