Friday, July 29, 2011

Growing Up Colt: A Father, A Son, A Life in Football

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I know it is no secret that I love the Texas Longhorns - and for four years, I thought the leadership of Colt McCoy was amazing.  So many times you hear stories of football players that are caught up in drugs or have alcohol problems and sometimes even worse.  Colt was one of those players that you wanted your kids to look up to - and many adults looked up to him too.  Even the name "Colt" rose in the baby name list - Tony and I actually kicked around the idea of naming a boy Colt.

This summer, Growing Up Colt: A Father, A Son, A Life in Football came out and I immediate downloaded it on my iPad.  I literally just finished it a few minutes ago and I would have to say it was a great read.  You don't have to love football to love this book.  It was a great read about Colt's upbringing and what led him to choose the life he lives.  I recommend this to anyone - even my Razorback friends.

The last couple of chapters in the book talk about the National Championship game - and how he lost feeling in this arm during the first series of the game.  I am sure that game was so heartbreaking for him - but to this day, I still love how he showed God the glory even in times of defeat.

I love this guy's faith!  It really it amazing!

Seriously - check out the book.  You won't regret it!


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