Friday, February 17, 2012

Feed the Goats, Tuppence a Day

Howdy Y'all!

Harper is having a great time in Texas...just in the last 26 hours or so, she has seen too many people to mention.

We started the day at my sister's school reading to her 1st graders and it was a blast!  I read a book about Froggy and his T-Ball game and my sister told them I played softball.  At the end of the book, her class asked me questions (because they are learning about what makes a question) and one of her kids asked me "Were you any good?"  Those kids were a handful and just so much fun.

Harper spent the rest of the day playing with her cousin, her Nana and Grandmother and her Mommy.  Fun Day!

We ended the day across the street from my parents house...feeding the birds goats, tuppence a bag.  There are some sweet little baby goats...and some mean old billy goats, but it was still fun.  I even got a cute picture of Harper feeding them.

We are off to the great metropolis of Eagle Lake, Texas tomorrow for a 1st birthday party for a sweet, sweet girl...Kenley Madden Vasek, my college roommate's (and one of my very favorite people) daughter.   And, you know what makes the drive completely worth it...we go by a Bucee's!!!!!!!!  Beaver Nuggets, here we come.  ha!


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