Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting Ready for Kinley

Howdy Y'all!

It has been a one week since we found out that we will have an addition to our family in just a few short weeks.  I feel like I have so much to do - but, I haven't had any time to do it.

I had a fear that I had nothing...she wouldn't have clothes or bottles or diapers or burp rags or anything else.  But, in steps my mom, she has gotten wild with the shopping.  All weekend she was texting me pictures of clothes, bathtubs, sheets, etc.  I feel like Kinley might already have a bigger wardrobe than me...and that is only counting the clothes my mom has bought her.

My sweet friends Rhonda and Laura are throwing me a baby shower in two weeks - so I got a list of people and addresses - and they have already taken care of the invites and got them in the mail yesterday.  They are so speedy!  It is wonderful to have such great friends in Arkansas!  I love them both dearly and I hope they know I will be texting them 24/7 when we first get Kinley because they are going to be my support all the way in upstate New York.

Another preparation that we have done is trade in my car.  For the last three years, I have been driving a Volkswagen Bug and I loved that car!  I really could have driven it forever...however, it is probably not the best family vehicle.  We were actually in the market for a used luxury SUV.   We test drove a Lexus RX350 and I really did love it - however, we were able to get a better deal on a brand new 2011 Nissan Murano - so, on Saturday we came home with a loaded 2001 white Murano.  I love this car too - but, I haven't been able to drive it for a couple of days since we have been trapped inside because of all the snow.

When we got matched with our birth mom, we were asked to send a card to her through our adoption agency.  As I was reading the information about her, I saw that she really loved crafts so I decided to make a card to send her and this way it is hopefully more special to her.  Trying to determine what to say it is the hardest thing.

This weekend I made some letters for Kinley's room (and I finished them up tonight because I had to glitter up the edges when the rest was dry).  Hopefully, I can get this hung up in her room before Monday.  I thought this turned out super cute!  I pretty much love it!

Tomorrow, Tony and I have two conference calls.  One is with our adoption specialist at American Adoptions - she is going to go over what to expect from our match and what to expect when we go to the hospital after Kinley is born.  The second conference call should be a little more interesting because it is with our birth mom.  I really don't know what to say - and I hope I don't stumble over my words.  I think this is an amazing thing she is doing.

We have so much more to do - and I hope I find the time.  If you all can think of some things that will help me get prepared, I would love to hear it!  All suggestions are welcome!!!

One last thought, I have been trying to stay out of the stores and not shop for her since we will be having a shower here before she is born and a shower in Texas after she is here...but, I could not resist these.  She has to have a pair of cowboy boots, right?

Well, I hope everyone is staying warm out there!  Bundle up...we will be bracing for the -10 degree temps tonight.  Yikes!


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