Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday, Big Brother Chris

Howdy Y'all!

So, my only brother turns the big 4-0 only once so I think it is deserving of a blog entry.  Don't you?

On the 23rd of February, 1971 - Christopher Bruce Ward made it into the world.  Oh look, there is the star of the show with the new parents.  They had no IDEA what they were getting into!

Chris got into quite a bit of trouble before I made my appearance 7 years later.  From the stories I have heard, he climbed onto the roof of the house at the age of 2.  My mom couldn't get him down - so, my dad had to come home from work and rescue him.  Also, as the stories go - he shot out the window/door of the church that was across the street from the house.  Way to go Chris!

By the looks of these next few pictures - Chris also had quite the fashion eye!  Check out those plaid pants!  Is it just me or is my dad wearing the same pants in three of theses pictures?

My parents learned about my arrival two days before I was born (since I was adopted) - and they told my brother they had a surprise for him.  He asked, "Are we having corny dogs for dinner?"  Well, I am not sure if he like his surprise as much as the corny dogs - but, I think I was a pretty good sister...most of the time...

When I say "most of the time"...there were a few times when I probably wasn't the best of sisters.  For instance, like the time I threw the stool that went with my little piano at him and busted out his front two teeth.  Whoops!  In my defense, I was like two...and he was NINE.  Surely he was big enough to defend himself!  And, I am sure I was just getting back at him for not watching me closely enough and I drank ant poison.

There are other things I remember about my childhood with my brother.

1) We loved to play what we called "football".  We played it in the den on our knees and the point of the game was to try and get the football (nerf, plastic, sometimes just a wad of paper) to the other side of the den.  That is pretty much all I remember - but, we played it each and every time my parents left us alone at the house.  The odd thing is that I don't remember ever playing it when they were home.

2) He had the Michael Jackson zipper suit and a glove.  I am pretty sure his zipper suit was red and the thought of that thing now just cracks me up!

3) He was pretty spectacular at baseball.  He always played second base which is the position that I ended up playing as well.  I guess I wanted to take after him in that regard.  Here are a few of his sports pics (note: he is the smallest one in every picture!)

4) He was ALWAYS in trouble - and he made my childhood hard.  I guess my parents thought I would end up just like him so they were overly strict with me.  I guess I shouldn't complain - I think I grew up just fine.

Just to embarrass him a little (not that he reads this blog - but there are others that know him that do) - here are a few more pictures from the past up to the present.

Well, Happy Birthday big brother - hope you are around for 60 more!


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