Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Making Progress

Howdy Y'all!

I have been going out of my mind with things to do...but, at least I have made some progress.  Yay!

I have been on the waiting list at Helen Walton for about a year - and I found out a few weeks ago that I was 39th on the list.  I didn't love that - and I was told to come up with Plan B.  Well, we shored up Plan B today and I am so relieved.  It is funny because our Plan B is drastically different than Helen Walton - but, I think I love the place.  It is a small daycare and there are only 5 full time infants.  All of those babies today looked so happy just a swinging and a bouncing.  One of the workers in that room is just called "Grandma"...love that!  :)  This just gets one thing off my list.

We made the tough, tough decision to give away our sweet little Roxy.  She is the sweetest little puppers...however, we have never been able to housebreak her.  We take her outside, we put out puppy pads and that little stinker still goes to the bathroom in the floor.  It is not difficult to clean up - but, we just don't want a baby around that.  So, a friend of my mom is so thrilled to get her and her wardrobe.  :)  I had a special load of laundry on Sunday just for her clothes.  She is quite the princess and I hope Gail treats her that way.

I finished these on Sunday too...and now I am just waiting on that money.  Hurry home soon...we have a baby coming!  :)

Gift for our Birthmom, Sarah
I looked and looked and looked out there - and luckily my friend Rhonda found the perfect gift.  I ordered it a couple of weeks ago - and I am so happy it finally showed up on our doorstep today.  I have always said that Sarah loves Kinley with all her heart and that is why she knows it is best for Kinley to give her up for adoption.  So, fittingly, I got her a heart pendant and necklace from James Avery.  I love it!

I was looking through the baby book that my mom got me that is all about adoption - but, it only had one  small page for a baby shower.   Problem!  We are having two showers - one here and one in Texas - and that just wasn't going to work.  So, I took the invite that Rhonda and Laura sent out for my shower and I scrapbooked and made it sparkly so I could use this as a sign in at the shower.  Then, I can put that in a scrapbook and remember all of the wonderful people that care so much about Kinley.

Travel Plans
This one is only half done.  I have a round-trip flight booked for Tony and a one-way flight for me.  My mom is going to take care of Toby, our sweet dog - and my friend Rhonda is going to look after our cats.  Right now, my parents are planning to drive to New York to stay with me and Kinley while we wait for the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children that has to be completed by the states of Arkansas and New York.  Then, they will drive me and Kinley back to Arkansas.

We still have lots to do...fingerprints for our FBI background checks to update from last year, update our doctor's records from last year, register our new car, find hotels during our stay in New York, host our families this weekend in Arkansas, make a list of things to pack, pack and try to cram it all in the car.  I am sure there are lots and lots and lots of other things that need to be done between now and March 7th - but, I am ready for the adventure.


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