Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh, I Was Born a Ramblin' Wo-Man

Howdy Y'all!

This weekend was so super busy.  My family arrived on Friday night - my mom, grandmother and niece all stayed the weekend with us and my mother-in-law also came up and stayed in a hotel.  A few weeks ago, we had decided it would be nice for my grandmother to leave her house for awhile and get out of Texas for a few days.  She lost my grandfather, her husband of 60+ years, just over a month ago.  I think this trip helped her with the grieving process - and she was actually able to laugh a little.

On Saturday, my friends Laura and Rhonda threw me a baby shower.  They did such a great job in such a short amount of time!  Heck, we only learned that Kinley was coming a little over a month ago and work has been a beast for Rhonda and Laura.  They are such great friends to do so much for me!  I love them dearly!

Rhonda tried her hand at a diaper cake and did a great job!  I love how she coordinated the fabrics I have used for the room!  I heart it!

I got so much stuff - I am so blessed!  Seriously, I opened gifts for almost an hour and a half.  While I am so thankful for all the things I received (SO THANKFUL), I am kind of bummed that I didn't get to visit with all the ladies that were there for me and Kinley.  After I got home, we put all the gifts on the dining room table and floor and took a quick shot.  Wow, it is so much stuff!

A few years ago, I learned about something called a Blessing Ring at Laura's shower for her son Kennon.  It is a ring with decoration that holds all of the cards for the baby.  I think it is the greatest of ideas...Laura and Rhonda made one for me and it is super cute!  It will hang in Kinley's room and we will keep those cards to show her the love that so many people have for her.

I promised Hailey Bug that I would take her to the Justin Bieber movie and there were a couple of issues with this promise.   1) I was so tired from putting away all of Kinley's stuff the night before until 1 AM.  2) I wasn't interested in seeing this movie at all.  3) I had so much work to do for Walmart and 4) my mom and grandmother wanted to go to Eureka Springs.  And, I found solutions for each of these problems...1 and 2) I was just going to sleep during the movie, if needed.  BUT, I actually thought it was a great story.  It was cool to see how he got started and how he made it to Madison Square Garden.  If you are thinking about seeing it, do it...go now, you won't regret it.  3) I just squeezed my work in after the movie and dinner and stayed up a little later than usual.  It all worked out in the end.  4)  My husband is a SAINT!  He drove my mom and grandmother to Eureka Springs while Hailey and I went to the movie.  He is the best...I can't say it enough.

Last but not least, I have had this unsettling feeling that Sarah, our birth mom was going to change her mind.  After so many people so us so much love this past weekend, I was going to feel guilty and terribly saddened if it happened.  There were a few reasons why I thought this...(yes! another numbered list).

1) We got an email from the birth mom specialist at the adoption agency last week that asked us not to discuss details about our plans with Kinley with Sarah.  Sarah had expressed some extreme sadness as the date of Kinley's arrival is coming closer and closer.  Lara did reiterate that Sarah is still so excited that she has chosen us as the birth parents.

2) The lawyer in New York was supposed to meet with Sarah on Sunday and she was going to sign the consent paperwork.  He told us last week that he would let us know how the meeting went.  Monday came and went - and we heard nothing from him.

3) I emailed Sarah on Sunday night - and again, Monday came and went and I heard nothing.

So, today I tried to work and not think too much about it...but, of course, it was right there in the back of my mind.  However, around 1 PM today, I got an email from the lawyer that he had met with Sarah and that she signed all the paperwork.  And, right after that, I got an email from Sarah.  I know God doesn't want us to worry with our problems - but, sometimes it is hard.  I am glad he showed me signs when he did today...I really needed it.  I didn't sleep well yesterday because I just kept thinking about it over and over again.

Of course, there is always a chance that she will change her mind - she has until 5 days after the birth of Kinley, but I know that with God on my side, I can get through anything.  I also have the best friends in the world and they we be here for me no matter what!

Sorry that I rambled and that this post was extremely long.  But, someday I would like to look back on these and remember the process of Kinley's arrival into our family.


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