Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're Coming "Home"

Howdy Y'all!

Today, we took a step in this adoption journey that we haven't taken before.  We actually left the hospital with a precious baby girl.  Back in March, the birth mom changed her mind before we left the hospital.  I loved Ariel's hospital plan of only seeing the baby at delivery and then before she left.  I think it makes it easier on all of us - I am sure it makes it easier on her to walk away because she hasn't bonded with the baby and for us, we don't have to worry as much.

We still have to wait until Sunday before we know for sure that she is coming home with us - but, I have a good feeling about this one.  Last time I just knew something was wrong from almost the beginning, it just felt off.  This time we will be partying in our cabin at midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning if we get to actually keep her.  We are already in love - she is an absolute doll!  (Actually, speaking of doll - she was sitting in her Boppy when someone had to come over to get the internet working in our cabin and he actually thought she was a doll until she moved.)  See, everyone thinks she is a doll!  :)

Here are some pictures of today (and some of my favorite pictures of her so far...she is only 2 days old and I already have plenty of faves).

I love this picture of her.

Look my eyes are open.

 I think I am going to blow this picture up and frame it in her room.  I think it is adorable.

 Aren't I beautiful?  My mommy thinks I am.

 I love that little (or should I say) big puff on her head.

Harper, we are so happy you are here - and we will be ecstatic if you get to stay with us forever.

Pretty sleeping baby.

These two people love you more than you will ever know.

Mommy and Daddy admiring a beautiful baby girl.

Nana, PaPaw and Hailey love you too

Bertha thinks you rock too!

 And, we are on our way - I love she is using my blanket my MeMaw made me when I was a baby.

 My parents put this banner out in front of our cabin - too sweet.

 Our home away from home for the week - a beautiful 3-story cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN.

 Harper had more gifts when she got inside.

 Tony admiring his little princess.

 Don't I look cool?  Or at least very comfy?

 I love this blanket - Thanks Tracey! (even though you got me the Kinley version)  :)

Sweet Harper and Rose - I love how she is gripping it.

Harper with her birth mom's favorite childhood story (this was Ariel's copy from when she was a baby).

Hope you enjoyed all the pics - I am sure there will be MANY more to come!



  1. I seriously am fighting back tears reading this. I am so happy you and Tony now have YOUR little girl...the girl God wanted you to have! I have said this many times, but I am sooo happy for you. Being a mom is definitely the best thing in the world (even in the midst of terrible twos!). Welcome to the Mommy club!!

  2. I too have tears in my eyes after seeing the photos of Harper with her loving family! I know God is so good and he works in ways we can't always understand! Angela, I also have good feelings that God wanted you & Tony to have this precious child and that she is yours forever! Mike & I adopted 3 sisters 4 1/2 years ago and I am sure that he picked us to be their parents! Keep the photos coming and enjoy every minute! Angela, you have the most wonderful parents! I hope we can all meet at Disney since we are only 2 hours south of Orlando! God is Good! Mindy

  3. Finally!! Yay!
    Praise God for this tiny miracle coming into your life! Will continue to pray for you all! Thanks for giving me happy tears, I think we all need them weekly! :)