Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Any Day Now

Howdy Y'all!

The time is getting near and I really can't believe it!  Tony and I will be traveling to Tennessee soon to pick up a sweet baby girl.  I started packing us up this weekend and Harper has lots and lots of stuff!  Can you believe this is all for her?

This birth is going to be so much different from the last.  We knew when Kinley was going to be born and were able to make travel plans and get to New York a few days early.  This time, we are just waiting on a phone call to tell us that Ariel has gone into labor.  We could get the call at 3 am some night or at 3 pm...who knows.  Her due date is Friday and she has an appointment that day as well - so maybe they will schedule her to be induced early next week if she hasn't had the baby by then.

We got word on Friday that Ariel has signed the consent paperwork which means that the countdown is on after the birth...she has five days to change her mind.  This timeframe changes depending on the state where the birth mom resides or where the adoptive parents reside.  For instance, in TN, they will allow you to go by either their laws or Arkansas laws.   I am glad we can follow Arkansas law because the timeframe is pretty short because I think Pennsylvania birth parents have 6 weeks to change their mind.  I don't love that...glad we are not adopting from that state.

I will let you all know when we are on our way and when Harper is born.  We are so excited about it all - and can't wait to see her face.


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