Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Howdy Y'all!

Nope, I am not super excited - the WOWEE is an exercise that we did at work yesterday that I thought I would share.  It stands for Work, Outside Work, End Expectations.  I will say that my Work part of the poster isn't so exciting since I am still a newbie to the role - I had a lot more fun with the Outside Work part of the poster.  :)


So, the cereal and the Dr. Pepper can represent that I financially support the food area at Walmart.  The $ sign means we are all about more sales and more profit...who isn't??  The nice funny looking coil looking thing with the backwards arrow represents rollbacks - how we analyze them, what it does to our business, do they drive traffic, how do you compare them year over year.  And the apple represents coming up with a new process to record inventory for our fresh areas (produce, meat, bakery and deli).

Outside Work

I know, I know - my Longhorn looks more like a Longmoose, but you get the point.  Obviously, I love the Texas Longhorns!  Duh!  And, I just love football in football is my favorite by far, but I find it all pretty enjoyable.  I love to make cakes - I would even quit my job and open up a bakery and do it full time if I could make the exact money I was making now.  Won't happen - so I should stop dreaming.  Ha!  I love to read - and I am excited that all the TV is almost over for the summer so I can pick up a book or two and dig right in.  That baseball bat looking thing is my airplane which represents my love of travel - and obviously my favorite place to go is the Happiest Place on Earth!  Then, once I get back - it is all about getting those memories in a scrapbook (I just won't mention to you that I am several years behind).  :)

End Expectations

These are more like my immediate expectations - in my job, I would like to graduate from being a Dunce to just being a plain ole' idiot.  And, of course, outside of work, it is all about bringing home that baby girl from Tennessee.  I want both of these expectations to happen - but, the one on the right is more important to me at this very moment.  :)

And, here it is all put together - not bad for a numbers girl if I say so myself.


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