Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 Day You Challenge, 3 Films

Howdy Y'all!

I love movies!  It doesn't take much to entertain me honestly.  I am not a harsh critic of movies and honestly I like just about every movie I watch.  Here is a list of 3 of my favorite movies of all time.

3.  My Fair Lady:  I think I could watch this movie over and over and over again.  I love it so much.  I really love pretty much all musicals, but this one is my favorite by far.  Sometimes I break out into a little "The Rain in Spain...".

2. The Shawshank Redemption: This one may be a little cliche.  I think it may be everyone's favorite movie - but I think I could watch it almost every time it comes on TBS.  There is something about Morgan Freeman's voice as the narrator that I just love!

1.  Forrest Gump:  There was one point in my life I could quote just about every line from this movie.  I used this as the basis of my valedictorian speech in high school and my grandmother was just so proud of me however she had never seen the movie.  Too bad I let her borrow the movie since she was embarrassed that I would use such a dirty movie as the basis of a speech.  Ha!  Wow, if she thinks Forrest Gump is dirty - don't ever let her watch any other movies.  :)

I guess I should also mention that the music is AWESOME in this movie too!

(And, one other thing - if you ever visit Savannah, don't ask to see the bench where Forrest waits on the bus.  It doesn't exist.  :)  Just wanted to give you a heads up!)

Hopefully I have inspired you to watch a great movie or two!


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