Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 Day You Challenge, 7 Wants

Howdy Y'all!

Here we go again with another day of the 10 Day You Challenge - today's is 7 wants.  I probably could have filled this up with 1,000 wants before Harper came in my life and now it is hard for me to complete a list of just 7.

7.  I WANT to visit all 50 states in the US.  I am over halfway there, but I have a lot of random ones I would still need to visit to accomplish this task.

6.  I WANT to adopt another baby - however, my bank account has to recover from the first one before we can do that again.  :)  After the disrupted adoption, my husband and I weren't sure if we could go through with 1 adoption, but our adoption of Harper went so smooth that we will certainly do it again.  We could get a little Anderson next time or a sweet little girl that could wear all of Harper's clothes.

5.  I WANT some handpainted Longhorn Toms.  My bestie, Laura, told me about a lady that handpaints them and I totally need some of these!

4.  I WANT a full week of nights of uninterrupted sleep.  I never knew how much I took this for granted before Harper got here.  I keep seeing the preview of the new Christina Applegate sitcom and I totally understand!

3.  I WANT Harper to grow up knowing she is loved so much by our family - as well as she is unconditionally loved by her birth mom too.

2.  I WANT to find Harper a cute, cute Halloween costume - but I am coming up short.  Someone please help, where can I find something cute?  I really like this Raggedy Ann costume, but I can only find it in toddler.  The baby version is not as cute because it is the bunting bag and I really like the leggings on the toddler version.

1.  I WANT to figure out how to please both sides of the family for Holidays, but I feel it may be impossible.  How do you spend Christmas with both sets of families when they are a thousand miles apart?  I have been stressing about this and I don't love that!

That is about it for tonight - next up is my six place.  Stayed tuned tomorrow!


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  1. Have the whole family come to you and start new traditions as a family with Harper...or do my personal favorite idea...go to WDW with the whole fam and celebrate there! :)