Saturday, May 22, 2010

The "Greg"

Howdy Ya'll!

This post is a special gift to my big "brother", Greg Gunnels.  Technically, he is not my brother - but, he is close enough to it.  His sister, Crystal, has been one of my best friends since I was a little girl - and I have spent lots and lots and lots of time around Greg and really the whole Gunnels family.

The reason why this post is dedicated to Greg is because he tends to have his mouth open in most pictures because he is being goofy and that is just the way he the following pictures are paying a tribute to Greg!  Love ya Greg...enjoy!

That is Greg in the background in a secret garden maze in England when we all went on a trip about 14 years ago.  And, check it out...the mouth is wide open!  :)

So, today - Bertha, my dogs, my bestie's little boy Kennon and I all got in on the action and did the "Greg"!

Me and Bertha doing the "Greg"

Toby even got in on the action

Roxy, not so much!

And, Kennon had a half "Greg" going.

This was all done in fun today - and I hope I got a lot of people laughing the are friends or family of Greg's...or even complete strangers to Greg.


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