Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ya'll may think I am crazy...but, I am just a planner

Howdy Ya'll!

I believe everyone knows we are adopting...and if you didn't know, well - now you know too.  :)  We are in the waiting phase...waiting on a birth mom to pick us and you never know how long it will take.  It could be just a few weeks or it could be a year...your guess is as good as mine.  But, I think I need to be as prepared as possible..., I am going to give you a sneak peak into the beginnings of our nursery.  Seriously, you may think I am crazy - but, we have had this furniture in our garage for awhile now and Tony couldn't park there...and we don't use the room for anything right now we moved all the furniture in.

Because we are never 100% sure what gender we will be adopting - we have gone gender neutral (but, that does not mean yellow and green).  I got to go with my favorite!  (and green and turquoise blue too)!

Below are some pictures - and there will be some wall decorations that will come along too...but, I don't have those finished yet.  I have bought some large square frames from IKEA with a matte - and I plan on getting a few yards of the fabrics we have used and I will cover the matte with the fabric.  I am not sure what I will put in the middle of the frames yet...maybe owls.

Here are the pics...enjoy!  (And any suggestions to make it better are welcome!!!)

The corner bookcase...don't you love that alligator and piggy bank?

The bed...I love those white polka dots on the orange.

The inside of the bed...I really love this!

The dresser - and the room wouldn't be complete without a Longhorn or two.

The changing table...ignore that ugly sticker that I have to get off.

An awesome glider rocker that I got second hand...I scored big time!

A view of most of the room.

Hope you had a good visit to our nursery.



  1. That looks AWESOME, Angela! I love it, and I'm sure your baby-to-be will as well!!