Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's in a Name?

Howdy Ya'll!

I wonder if I am normal girl because I have been thinking about names for my future children since I was young.  But, you know what, they have all changed.  Heck, now that we know we will be adopting a baby (hopefully in the very near future), my opinions on names have changed several times.  Now that I look back at it all, what was all that worrying about which I was much younger?

My whole life I have always disliked my middle name, Aline, because it seems so old-fashioned.  However, I will say that I have never met anyone my age that has that name.  My mom and grandmother also have the same middle name and I have always been under pressure to use that when I have kids.  It was NEVER in my list of names that I have been thinking about for the past 20 years - but, I think I have made a U-turn (I will get to that in a minute).

Tony also has a family tradition within his name - both he and his dad have the initials ASx(last name removed to protect identity).  :) His mom had asked us several years ago if we would use those initials for our future kids and we really had no intention to because there weren't a lot of good A and S names in our opinion.  But, now we have had a change of heart here as well.

So - with all that being said - here are the names we have come up with for our future kiddo.

Girl Name - Kinley Aline
You can see that we have used my middle name and if we get blessed with a girl, she will carry on the tradition of the middle name for the 4th generation.  I honestly think it is pretty cool that she would also have a piece of family tradition with her always.  Also, I have to thank my best friend, Laura, for the name Kinley because she had that name picked out for years and years for her little girl, but when she had a boy and named him Kennon, she thought it was just too close to Kinley.  I asked if I could use it - and she said, of I will always have a story to share with Ms. Kinley about how her Auntie Laura helped name her too.

Boy Name - Anderson Sawyer
If a little boy graces our lives, he will carry on the tradition that his daddy and Gran-Stan have - the initials ASx (again last initial removed).  I am really loving this name!

I was listening to Kidd Kraddick today (and I really don't know if it was from today's show or one from the past since I listen on the Kidd Kraddick Network on iHeartRadio on my iPhone) and they talk about how when you are picking out the name of your kids you should scream them.  And, that really, really made me laugh because I have already tested that out...because, believe you me, I heard my full name so many times in my life when I was getting in trouble (remember my post from yesterday).

Well, that's that.  We are excited for a little Kinley or Anderson to show up in our lives.  We will keep you posted about the whole adoption thing so you can follow our journey.



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