Friday, May 14, 2010

What Do I Read?

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Howdy Ya'll!
My mom would be so proud of this post because she was always the reader in the family. She was so fast at reading (and still is) - it seems like she can sit down with a good book and be done within a couple of hours. Me...not so much. However, if I really love the book, I won't put it down.

I am excited because we are coming up on prime book reading more TV shows in the way and my plan for the summer is to read, read, read. We are going to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina this summer - and because it will be the first "relaxing" vacation that I have had in several years, I plan to get lots of that reading accomplished there.

There were definitely favorite books growing up - but, my all-time favorite children's book was The Monster at the End of This Book. I would laugh and laugh and laugh. If you don't have this for your kids (my future little one already this in their library), run (don't walk) to the store and buy it! And, preferably buy it at Walmart (just to help me out a little)! :)

I also loved, loved, loved Shel Silverstein! His poetry made me laugh constantly. Seriously, how could one not love "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out"?

And, now that I have grown older and wiser - some of my tastes in books apparently stayed in the younger reader age because I really enjoyed the Twilight and Harry Potter Series. I picked up on the Harry Potter Series at the right time
because I read books 1-6 in a matter of two months or so - and then right as I was finished reading them, a couple of weeks later book 7 came out! I happened to be in Texas the weekend it came out so I drug my niece and nephew up to Walmart at midnight to get the new book and good times were had by all!

I really enjoy reading stuff that is mostly light in nature - and chick lit falls right into that enjoyment. My opinion is that I spend so much of my life being serious at work that I want to entertain myself on my own time. I am not saying that I won't read a biography or a very deep book on occasion, but usually you will find me reading Sophia Kinsella, Jen Lancaster or James Patterson. 

Sophia Kinsella wrote Confessions of a Shopaholic and there are many books in the series. She also has books outside of that series and in each one, the lead female character gets herself in all kinds of predicaments. They are so humorous and very light which is a welcomed change from the day-to-day work life. If you love chick flick movies, check out her books because you will love them too.

Jen Lancaster is soooooooo funny. She writes non-fiction books about herself - which include her financial struggles when she lost her job after September 11th, her weight struggles, etc. Now, these topics don't seem funny - but, check her out and you will see what I mean. I really just want to be her friend (or just be part of one of her footnotes...if you read the books, you know what I am talking about). Bitter is the New Black was her first book that she wrote...READ IT!

And, of course, good ole James Patterson gives me a little suspense every once in awhile. I love the short chapters in his books...which may sound weird, but I am not one that likes to stop in the middle of a chapter and I always check to see how many pages are left in the chapter before moving on. With his books, I can just keep reading and reading and reading and I will fly through 20 chapters in no time.

There are many more that I read too...Nicholas Sparks (if I just want to be sad), Mary Higgins Clark, the Sookie Stackhouse Series, John Grisham, Emily Giffin and the list could go on and on and on.

So, listen up mom - I will admit, I LOVE to read. That is probably now your proudest moment, so live it up!


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  1. Great list of books! Hope you have a great week!