Saturday, May 15, 2010

No Pictures Please...

Howdy Ya'll!
Have you ever been told that you can't take pictures - but, then you get a sense of rebellion and think, I don't care what they say, I am going to take a pictures anyway?  Sometimes, I do rebel, but mostly, I am a big ole' chicken!

For instance, when I was 18, I traveled to England and Scotland with my high school and we went to the Tower of London which among several of their sites are the Crown Jewels.  One of the Crown Jewels is the Royal Sceptre with Star of Africa (a Pear Shaped Diamond that is 530.20 carats).  The Star of Africa was on display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London and we were told NO PHOTOS.  All around the jewels were the guards at the Tower called Beefeaters (pictured below).  So, naturally I followed the rules like a scared chicken and didn't even try to take a picture.  However, my friend Neili snuck a photo or two and got away with it - and all this time, I wondered why I didn't have the guts?  What was the worst thing they could have done to me?
Then, if we fast forward to this week, my friend Rhonda and I were in Target trying to get a picture of their baby area for a project she is working on at work.  Now, just so you know, this happens all the time at the competition all over the United States...Walmart people are going to go into the competition and snapping pictures here and there to get an idea what they are up to, but the folks from Target and other competitors do the exact same thing in our stores.  It is just common practice!

Now, Target has decided to build a store right near the Walmart headquarters and they probably get people taking pictures ALL the time.  Rhonda was trying to grab a picture first and was spotted - so we nonchalantly acted like we were shopping the baby section and tried to wait for the Target employees to scatter.  It appear that the coast was clear so we both went for it again...Rhonda got one picture, but she wanted me to zoom in on the sign with my, I step up to the plate, start zooming in, snap the picture, but I have this app on my iPhone that stabilizes the picture so it takes some time.  While it is trying to stabilize, I GOT CAUGHT!  "Ma'am, you can't take photos in here" says one of the many Target employees that came out of no where (they were on to us).  And, of course, being the chicken I am, said "Okay, sorry" and Rhonda and I walked out of the store.  I didn't think I got the picture - but, I just noticed today that it did take the photo and that made me laugh.  When we got back to the office, Rhonda's boss told her that she should have asked, "Where is it posted that you can't take pictures?", but for a chicken like me, that is taking it too far.  :)  By the way, for your enjoyment and laughter, here is the picture.

Today, at our monthly Saturday Morning Meeting, we had the pleasure of having Laura Bush, former 1st Lady, speak to our group.  Prior to a couple of months ago, we had free reign to take as many pictures as we wanted of the celebrities that came to the meetings.  Over the past "almost" 10 years, that I have spent at the Walmart Home Office, I have had the opportunity to see LOTS of them and I really enjoyed snapping a picture or two of them.

A week after the Oscars, Sandra Bullock and her jerk of an almost ex-husband, Jesse James, came to the meeting and talked about the DVD release of The Blind Side.  I wasn't able to make this meeting because I had prior obligations, but if I was there, I would have taken several pics because I LOVE her.  She seems so real - like you could be true friends.  As I mentioned above, this was just 6 days after the Oscars and Jesse was with her - and his cheating scandal broke on Monday - so, this meeting was the last time they were seen together publicly.  One of the associates at Walmart decided to give one of their pictures they had taken at the meeting to TMZ...gasp!  And, now - "for the privacy of our guests, there are no pictures allowed."  Big Boo!

My bestie Laura and I had prime seats today - we were on the second row, right in the center and only about 20 feet from Laura Bush.  I would have loved to take a picture today - but, the chicken in me didn't even try for a few of reasons.  1)  There are security cameras everywhere!  2)  There was more Walmart security (and of course lots of Secret Service) in there as usual because of our high-profile guest.  3) Unlike the other situations that I described above, I could have gotten in trouble at work and that would be NO BUENO!

Back to Laura Bush - she seems so gracious, sweet and kind.  She is pretty soft-spoken, but carries herself so well.  She was there promoting her new book which I plan on reading this summer - and I am happy to hear that she is so candid about things in her life in the book.  She mentions that she did not sugar-coat events that occurred in her life because "George", as she calls her husband, will not be running for office again so she didn't have to be political in her book.  I loved her - and she made getting up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning totally worth it!

The saint award of the day goes to my husband!  After speaking at our meeting, Mrs. Bush was going to a local Sam's Club and Walmart to sign copies of her book - but, they were handing out wristbands at between 7-8 am which interferes with our Saturday Morning Meeting.  My bestie, Laura and I went to the meeting while Tony heading to Walmart at 7:30 on this fine Saturday morning to get each of us a signed copy of her book.  We thought he would get a wristband, leave and then come back for the 12:30 signing later - but, no! - he was held capture there for 5 hours, but he did come home with two signed copies and a crush on the former 1st Lady.  :)  He said she was a sweet lady and very attractive for an older woman.  HA!

Since I couldn't take a picture of Mrs. Bush today - I just took a picture of her autograph for you all.  :)


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