Monday, May 24, 2010

Picky, Picky, Picky

Howdy Ya'll!

I think growing up, I was the world's pickiest eater...but now that I am grown, maybe I am just the nation's pickiest eater.  :)  For those of you that have known me since I was a child, you know all about my food weirdness!!

I came up with this blog topic while I was eating dinner tonight (which was chicken, cream corn and ranch style beans).  Because of the juice of the cream corn and ranch style beans, this meal always causes a bit of an issue in my house.  If foods have the ability to touch, I am OUT.  So, when I eat these foods together, it requires a plate for the chicken, a bowl for the corn and a bowl for the beans...ridiculous, I know.  I really need one of these...

I have at least gotten better when eating a meal because I used to eat one thing at a time - and at least I have grown out of that.  (Man, I can't believe I am admitting all of these picky habits that I have).

Below are some of the other picky things around food:
  • I do NOT eat anything with bones.  Blah!  Ribs - out!  Chicken leg - out!  That stuff freaks me out.  I think it was the years of dissecting things in biology classes in high school and college.
  • I don't like most "P" fruits - peaches, pears, pineapples, Oh My!
  • I only like to eat carrots raw...not cooked!
  • I can't even touch mustard...if my husband asked me to make him a sandwich, he has to be on his death bed before I touch that yucky yellow stuff.
  • Vegetables belong in a salad (which I love), but not on a sandwich or burger.
You might think from this list that I am crazy, but you would be amazed that I am so much better than I used to be.  I have branched out a ton!  I mean, hello, before I would never even eat Mexican food (I ordered chicken strips), but now it is my favorite!

I hope I am not alone - what food issues do you have?



  1. Joani can't eat meat with a bone, either. haha

    I have texture issues. I don't like pudding, jello, jelly, etc. Our grandma used to force me to eat red jello and I'm severely traumatized by it!

  2. I love chicken wings...but when I was pregnant I would puke if I saw the inside of a chicken leg. Ugghhh...I still think about that sometimes. I would think back to disecting an animal and the tendons grossed me out. it is so funny how biology has scarred us!

  3. I am glad I am not the only one ladies. :)