Thursday, May 27, 2010


Howdy Ya'll!

My life has been hectic lately...working until 9 pm and then getting up at 5 am and repeating the cycle.  No Bueno!  With all of the craziness, there was never a moment (or motivation) to work out.

Life has settled down lately - so now I need to find some motivation to work out.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Does anyone want to be my motivation partner?  I help you, you help me??

I need to start having a love/hate relationship with my treadclimber.  I have this great piece of machinery in my house and I NEVER use it.  I used to use this thing all the time...I would watch DVR'd shows or movies and just walk and walk and walk.  It really it walking in sand.

And, honestly if I get bored of the treadclimber - I also have Wii "games" and lots and lots of videos.  So, much to choose from.

Just a sample of the DVDs I have.

Of course, I could also just use the Yoga mat and hand weights...just like bootcamp last year.  So many options...

My absolute favorite form of exercise is biking...I don't have a fancy bike...just a Schwinn from Walmart.  I really, really, really love doing this, but I do NOT like doing this alone.  I do need to get back on it though and get my butt prepared for the pain.  We are going to Hilton Head Island this summer and they have over 50 miles of bike trails that I want to try out.

I used to have a workout buddy, a friend from high school, that actually lived up here.  I miss Julie!  (why, oh why, did she have to move back to Dallas)??  So, now I need motivation...

So, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to tell me what gets you motivated and to tell me your favorite form of exercise and why. 

Let's get to working out - and love/hating it.  :)



  1. Once my boys baseball season is over, we should go out and ride! Maybe we could leave from the square and reward ourselves with The Station Cafe when we return! - Cissie

  2. Cissie - I think that sounds great! And, with The Station as the reward, I am certainly in. :)

  3. I rode a Schwinn from Walmart for awhile. It was borrowed from a buddy. When I got my new bike (from Lewis and Clark) they fit it to me and had me try 2 or 3 to find the right one...big difference. Now it is much more fun to ride the bike! You might just upgrade and take the big hill by your house down to the Crystal Bridges Trail.
    I will ride with you sometime. I am just not in good enough shape to take any major hills but I can put Tait in the bike wagon and we can ride!