Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is...American Idol

Howdy Ya'll!

Since American Idol is a guilty pleasure for many people, so I thought, why not blog about it?

When and why did I start watching American Idol?
I remember that my little sister, Ashley, calling me before the season finale of season 1 begging me to watch and to vote for Kelly Clarkson.  I thought it was so funny that she called so I did her the favor, watched the show, voted and became hooked on one of the biggest shows in American history.

Which Idol contestants have I seen in person?
Because I work for Walmart, I have had the pleasure of seeing many of the Idol contestants over the years and I have only paid to see one perfomance (and I didn't even pay to see just him) and the rest have been completely free!

Carrie Underwood - I have seen her in concert twice...once with Rascal Flatts after she released her first album (shortly after Idol) and the second with Keith Urban.  She has a beautiful voice, cute personality, but she is not the most fun to see in concert because she basically just stands there and sings.  And, when you have a person like Keith Urban right after you...he makes you look like an amateur.  However, I will say that she was much better than Rascal Flatts.

Taylor Hicks - Since Taylor Hicks' season, we have had the pleasure to see the winner of each season since at our annual Walmart Shareholder Meeting.  I am sure he sang a couple of songs - he was never my favorite.  And, as I mentioned above, he is the only one I have paid any money to see - however, I paid the money to see Grease a couple of weeks ago and he just happened to be playing Teen Angel.

Kris Allen and Jordin Sparks - Again, I saw them at the Shareholders Meeting performing a couple of songs.  When Kris came, he sang by himself and he also sang with Smokey Robinson who looked like he was in a silver astronaut's uniform, but that is a different story.  :)

David Cook - He has also performed at the Shareholders Meeting, but he has also been to one of our Saturday Morning Meetings.  That meeting was probably my favorite of the 10 years I have been employed at Walmart.  The executives split into teams and had a rock band competition - and the singer for Lee Scott's, the CEO at the time, band was David Cook.  They had American Idol style judging - and Randy Jackson was even there to judge.  As Randy was walking you, he actually said "What's Up?" to cool is that!

Jennifer Hudson - After winning an Oscar, she also came and sang at a Shareholder's Meeting.  She has a great voice, but I am really not a fan of her music.  It is too Adult Contemporary to me.

Daughtry - Last year, Daughtry came and performed a concert with Foreigner.  I totally went for Daughtry only and wasn't interested in Foreigner - but, at the end of the night, I was still at fan of Daughtry and became a total fan of Foreigner!

What contestants have I had a crush on?
There have been two during all the seasons of American Idol that I have had a crush on - and the first crush was probably a little more severe than the second one because I could not stop talking about him.

Bo Bice!  I could not stop talking about him...his performances, his faith, his personality, etc.  It was was like I was a 12-year old school girl again.  I really can't believe I am admitting this for all to see.

And of course, Casey James!  Who could not have a crush on him...his hair is gorgeous!  He seems like a quiet kind of guy and I wish the best for him.  He is a little bit of eye candy for me, but I am afraid he is going home tonight.

Who are some of my favorite idol contestants from previous seasons?
Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Undewood, Elliott Yamin, Bo Bice, Daughtry and Adam Lambert

Who is my least favorite winner?
Fantasia Barrino - Seriously, I don't know how she won.  She drives me insane with her squeaky voice.  Boo to that winner!

So, now that you know some Idol facts/opinions from me - I have to say that my Idol watching days are coming to an end.  Next week is Simon's last day on American Idol and I can't see watching the show without him.  He is the best thing about the show besides the contestants.  As, I watch the end of my American Idol watching days, I will be cheering on Crystal Bowersox!


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