Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Memories...and will I have payback?

Howdy Ya'll!

So - my mom has brought up several childhood memories lately and it reminded me of how bad I was when I was younger. I would classify my younger self as the smart-allic (sp?), but smart gal. I had quite a mouth on me...and some of the favorite memories are below where my mouth got me in trouble. I also sprinkled in a few pictures to see all the awful hair that I had back in the day.

Around 3rd Grade
We were sitting in the cafeteria for lunch - and the one of the aide's told us that the next person to open their mouth would be sent to the principal's office. And, of course, this smarty decided to open her mouth as wide as she could (but not make a peep) and sure enough, I got sent to the principal's office. I was ridiculous!

Around 4th Grade
I was in my Sunday School class the week before Easter and our Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Parrish (one of my favorite people), was telling us all about the Sunrise Service for Easter Sunday. She told us that we could get up early and come to church without brushing our teeth. At the end of class, we were doing sentence prayers and when it came my turn, I prayed that Mrs. Parrish would brush her teeth before church the following Sunday.

Are you sensing a pattern here? I am not learning my lesson, am I?

Fast-Forward to 9th or 10th Grade
I loved to terrorize two teachers in high school. I really think it was because they both made it so easy. Mrs. Knowles was my computer teacher and she treated us like we were in pre-school. She even had the Alphabet circling her room (really, this was high school people!). So, of course, I still had a smart mouth and it got me in trouble repeatedly in her class. One of the most notable times was when she had both hands up in the air and I ask her if she was Sure. I was talking about those old Sure commercials where the people would have their hands in the air to show they didn't have sweat stains. :) Anyways, she thought I was questioning her teachings or something - and of course, that was the first time of MANY times that I got kicked out of her class.

Freshmen Year of College
I know you are all thinking - surely she has learned her lesson this late in her life - but, NOPE. We had a visiting professor for our Honors Political Science class - he was a member of the Texas Supreme Court and he was a terrible professor. But, during one of his lectures, he said that ALL politicians cheat on their spouses - so, I raised my hand and asked the following question, "So, you are a politician, have you cheated on your wife?" And, he pleaded the fifth - so, we all know what that means.

So, I think I have learned my lesson now (or at least most of the time). So, my question is, am I going to get payback when we adopt this child? Will he or she have a mouth like me? How will I teach them lessons in life that I apparently couldn't learn on my own? We will see how this will all play out and I will keep you all posted.


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