Monday, May 17, 2010

You have been pulled over by the fashion police...

Howdy Ya'll -
My bestie Laura requested this topic today - so I thought I would oblige.  :)  Because I work at the corporate headquarters of the world's largest company and I love to travel - I see lots and lots of really bad fashion.  So, in true David Letterman style, I am going to give you my top 10 list and I will issue a public apology now to any of those I offend because you have committed one of the crimes on my top 10 list.  HA!

#10 - Monochromatic Styles
I really do think that wearing all black is very classy - and I love it, but I like to usually punch it up with a fun colorful scarf or something.  But, I don't think you are breaking a rule if you wear all black.

However, when you wear a brown shirt, brown sweater vest, brown skirt, brown tights, brown socks, brown boots (where the brown socks can be seen) and a brown have gone too far!  Seriously, there are tons of colors that match brown...choose one, throw it in and create a splash in your wardrobe.

#9 - Dramatic Colored Tights
I know that I just mentioned that you should throw in a color or two when you are wearing your clothes, but lets not go back to the 80s tights.  Unless you are an alien or dressing up for Halloween, I don't think purple, blue and green are a natural color to wear on your legs.

#8 - Sequins
Sequins are not appropriate for work!  Let me repeat again, sequin are not appropriate for work - unless you work the pole.  I always wonder why people try and get away with this trend at work...

#7 - Wearing something crazy on your head just so people will think you are silly
GUILTY of this one!  :)

And, for those of you that think my sweater would get me pulled over the by fashion police - I think it looks hot, so don't judge!  :)

#6 - Corsets
Unless you are making a movie about the Civil War or a period prior to that, corsets are not appropriate...especially when you wear them on the outside of your shirt at WORK.  What in the world. We called the girl that wore it...Corset Girl.  I know, how original...

#5 - Wearing a Jacket, just because
So, if you think that wearing a jacket makes you look more professional - check your outfit before you put it on.  If you already have on a plaid button up shirt with a pair of khaki slacks with black shoes - the navy blue pin striped suit jacket you asked your wife to bring you to word does not make you look professional, only silly.

#4 - Blue Hair and a Wallet Chain
Even if you work in the creative area at Walmart, I still don't think it is appropriate for blue spiked hair, baggy jeans and a wallet chain.  Yikes!  I am pretty sure the dress code calls for a conservative hair color and the last time I checked, blue is not on the list.

#3 - Patches
I could have combined this with #5, but it really does deserve it's own recognition.  Patches on a tweed jacket screams vintage and ugly vintage at that.  Stay far, far away.

#2 - No Pants
If you are a friend of mine on facebook, you may have already seen this one - my bestie Laura and I saw many, many people in New York City that thought leggings didn't require pants.  This is unacceptable!

And the #1 is....3-D Cat Sweaters
I cannot make this up!  There was a lady at work that would wear a sweater that looked like it had decapitated cat heads (stuffed animals) sewn all over the sweater.  There was even one by her shoulder that had a jeweled collar.  I really wish that I had a picture of this to share...but I am just not so lucky.  Sorry to disappoint.

Like I said, I don't mean to offend - but, I wanted to share some of the crimes I have witnessed!



  1. I could loan you a picture of my ugly christmas sweater with the 3-D stockings than hang off the back. :)

  2. Good point Tracey...but, it really doesn't compare to that cat sweater. :)