Monday, June 7, 2010

Catching Up

Howdy Ya'll!

I spent yesterday catching up - I haven't printed a single picture in about a year and a half - so, I uploaded about 3,000 pictures to  It was fun looking at all of the pictures from all of the trips we have taken in the time frame which has included a couple of trips to New York City and Nashville, quick weekend trips to Dallas and Oklahoma City, longer weekend trips to Las Vegas and Chicago and of course, a trip to Walt Disney World!

So, I decided to take you down memory lane and share some of my favorite photos along the way.

December 2008 - Memphis, TN - Taken from the window of my car while driving down the street.  This is where Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash got their start! (Sun Records)

March 2009 - My Dad's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

April 2009 - Tony and I in the Sofitel Hotel in New York City before going to see The Lion King.  Amazing Show!

May 2009 - Memorial Day Weekend at my mom and dad's with one of the best friends a girl could ask for.

July 2009 - Walt Disney World - My favorite place on earth.  When I die, please bury my at The Magic Kingdom.

September 2009 - Chicago, IL - A high school girl's trip to see P!nk!  She was fantastic!!

September 2009 - Oklahoma City at the Skirvin Hotel - I made Tony lay in this chair and act like he was on the phone.

September 2009 - The State Fair of Texas with my family.  Note that I traveled three weekends in a, but tiring!

December 2009 - Big XII Championship Game

December 2009 - I took my niece, Hailey, to Dallas to the American Girl Cafe and to see 101 Dalmatians the play for her birthday.

December 2009 - Tony taunting our niece, Anne Grace, while we were in Nashville visiting family for Christmas.

January 2010 - Tony and I in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace.

February 2010 - My family game to visit and we took them to the Aquarium in Tulsa, OK.

April 2010 - My bestie Laura and I took our first of many trips to New York City together and here we are with the hosts of Good Morning America.

May 2010 - Laura, Tabby Cat and I in Texas for a wedding.  We had a blast!

All of these pictures tell me a few things:
  • I LOVE to travel.
  • I am blessed to be able to travel.
  • I have lots and lots and lots of scrapbooking to do.
  • I have been home for a few weeks and I am itching to travel.  Glad we have a quick trip to Dallas coming up soon.
This summer we will also be going to Hilton Head Island (and Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC too) - so if you have been to any of those places and want to give me some tips, please send them my way!  This is the last trip that we have planned for quite a while for a couple of reasons - 1) I must save my vacation time for the baby.  Walmart only gives me 2 week leave for adopting so the rest of my time off will be my vacation and 2) we have to save money for the baby.  It is totally worth giving up the travel to be able to care for and raise a child for the next 18 or so years.

Hope you had a great time going down Memory Lane with me.


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