Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's A Trick

Howdy Ya'll!

Another post about Shareholder's week...and I apologize if I am boring you already, but Laura was on the Square today and she had an epiphany.  She has decided that we need to take Bertha and Sue E with us everywhere because there are picture opportunities that we are missing out on.

Because it is Shareholder's week, the Square is decorated all around - including Mr. Sam's (Sam Walton for those of you that don't know) infamous truck.  Laura thought it would be fun to have some pictures with the gnomes and the truck and that she missed out on the opportunity because Sue E was hanging out at home.  :(

So tonight, naturally, we met at the square with the girls and Kennon to take advantage of the picture opportunities.

I really thought this was cool - I have never seen it before.

I love all of the American Flags they put out for Memorial Day and the Shareholder's Meeting.

Kennon, my favorite almost 3-year old, at the fountain with the girls.

I taught Kennon how to play in the water - that's what "aunts" are for, right?

I also taught him to throw pennies in the fountain.

Downtown Bentonville put out a flag from each of the countries where Walmart operates - I love it!

Can you believe the richest man in the world drove this??

Kennon with Mr. Sam's truck

The girls and Mr. Sam's truck

Laura and I were discussing how they got the truck out of the museum - and we peeked in where the truck is normally located and it was there!  We were TRICKED.  It was a trick!  This is a fake!!  Can you believe it???  We wondered why they would trust the truck just parked out in the street.

Even though we were tricked by Walmart, I still love the license plate of the faux Mr. Sam Truck.

I have got to get to bed...must get up at 4 am for the big show (Shareholder's Meeting)!


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