Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chicken Fried, Fried Chicken and Some Other Random Stuff

Howdy Ya'll!

This week is my favorite week of the year because it is Walmart Shareholder's week...and my birthday always falls on this week so I pretend that Walmart is throwing a huge birthday celebration just for me.  :)

Walmart always brings in musical acts to perform free concerts two or three nights of the week - and last nights entertainment was the Zac Brown Band and Tim McGraw.  Bertha and Sue E went to their first concert.  If you don't know Bertha and Sue E, they are mine and my besties traveling gnomes.  Bertha was excited for the concert.

The girls even got to meet one of their admirers last night...Allyce Enlow and cute lil' Ella.

I was super excited about seeing the Zac Brown Band - and they didn't let me down.  They rocked!  I love when people show off their musical talents in other ways besides singing...seriously, those boys are amazing on all of their instruments.

I am a sucker for anything patriotic...and they represent this country well.  Not only did they sing America The Beautiful, they are also teaming up with Dodge for a Letters for Lyrics program.  If you go into a Dodge dealership, there is a kiosk set up that you can write a letter to one of the troops and you receive a free CD of Zac Brown Band music.  These are songs that have not been released before.  Pretty cool idea - so go on down to your local Dodge dealership, support the troops and receive some awesome music.

Below is a YouTube video of them singing America The Beautiful (not from last night's concert)...Enjoy!

Tim McGraw also performed - and he had big, big shoes to fill after seeing the Zac Brown Band - and he did not fill them.  He is easy on the eyes and his singing is good (even if he forgot some lyrics last night), but he just didn't "perform" like the ZBB.

Today, my friend Rhonda (who posed as my bestie Laura) and I enjoyed a free Spicy Chick-Fil-A sandwich.  It is becoming a staple on the menu on Monday, June 7th - but, they allowed people to "reserve" a free sandwich this week.  Laura and I signed up for it - but, work got in the way for her today - so Rhonda and I ate the yummy sandwich.  Can I tell you how much I heart Chick-Fil-A??  We even got a free little cow...too cute.

Now - on to the random stuff...

  1. Today at lunch, Rhonda confessed to me that she had never seen The Shawshank Redemption.  What in the world???  I am not sure that we can be friends anymore.  That is one of my favorite movies of all time!
  2. My bestie Laura has been my workout partner, we are now through with 3-days of the 30-day Shred.  Oh my, my legs are TIRED!
  3. And, finally - the most random of all.  I started getting these texts messages today from a number that I didn't recognize - and I am pretty certain they were from a drug dealer because of the nature of the texts.  I got three of them in about 2-hour time frame and decided it would be best to contact the police.  So, I have talked to the police (narcotics) officer tonight - and they are going to track down the number and they asked me to keep the text messages in case they need them to bust this guy.  I feel like I am undercover for the Bentonville Police.  I love it!
Tonight, I am staying home and not going to the concert (REO Speedwagon and Barenaked Ladies)...I got to save up all of my rest to get up for the actual Shareholder's Meeting on Friday morning because 4:00 am comes mighty earlier!  Yikes!


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