Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yet Another Post About College Football

Howdy Ya'll!

I went to Walmart today and had a basket full of lots and lots of stuff that I didn't need.  As I was checking out, I looked over and they had this...

This makes me oh so happy!  This just means that football is right around the corner!  YES!  There are a couple of things I don't like about this - like the love for the SEC on the cover, but I just remind myself that I live in SEC country.

Also - really...Boise State at #2 and predicted to go to the BCS National Championship game???  Oh my!

However, I do love to see Texas at #4.  I am ready to see Garrett Gilbert take control of the Horns and take them back to the National Championship game.  I know he wants to make up for his appearance in last year's game.  I still feel bad for Colt today (I love him!)  And, as for former UT quarterbacks, we are not talking about VY tonight...that is just an embarrassment!


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